Looking For Your Next Adjustable Weight Bench? Here's Our Top Picks

Get one of these adjustable benches to use as your default weight bench for flat, decline, or incline pressing.

rep ab5200 adjustable weight bench review
Best Overall

  • 1,000-lb Capacity Weight Bench
  • Goes From Zero to 85 Degrees
  • High-Grip, Non-Slip Surface

rogue ab3 incline bench press
Best Upgrade

  • 12X18X67", 9 Back-Pad Settings
  • Foot Catch for DECLINE Bench
  • Fast Shipping, ROGUE Guarantee

review of the fts york adjustable weight bench
Best Budget

  • 19X24X47 in. & Handles 1000-lb
  • Back Pad From Flat to Upright
  • Settings from Flat to Incline

We Got the Top Selection for Adjustable Weight Benches Here:

Best Overall

Rep AB-5200 FI

The Rep AB-5200 FI Bench is a premium built one-stop shop adjustable bench.

rep ab5200 bench

Why We Like Rep AB-5200 FI

The Rep AB-5299 FI adjustable bench is an exceptional weight bench choice for several reasons. The bench is manufactured with 11” gauge steel and weighs in at 125 LBS. The Rep AB-5299 FI adjustable bench can also be easily maneuvered as it comes with a stainless steel horizontal pull handle and a 2” wheel that makes it easy to move around.

For small spaces, the AB-5200 can be conveniently shrunk to about 2.8 square feet when kept away. The pad of the Rep AB-5200 is designed to give lifters a firmer grip to avoid slips when lifting any weight.

Best Upgrade

Rogue AB-3 Bench

The Rogue AB-3 Bench is an excellent upgrade option for added quality & durability.

rogue ab3 adjustable weight bench

Should You Buy Rogue AB-3 Bench?

The Rogue AB-3 adjustable bench is adapted from the Nebula 1080 utility bench. It, however, comes with a new design feature and six different adjustable seat settings. The bench is 69” long and has a 12” wide pad. The Rogue AB-3 adjustable bench also comes with nine back pad settings and is 18” tall.

One fantastic feature of the Rogue AB-3 adjustable bench is its foot catch that makes it suitable for various routines.

Best Budget

FTS Adjustable Bench

The pick for those who want a decent quality product without breaking the bank.

york adjustable fts weight bench

Why We Recommend FTS Adjustable Bench

The York FTS Flat-to-incline bench press is an excellent utility bench of about 47 meters long and 24 meters wide. The bench comes with an adjustable back pad that can be moved from a flat state to a fully upright position.

The lower seat pads of the bench also adjust upward for routines that require an incline position. Users can get white/black upholstery variants of the bench.

Should I Buy A Flat Bench or An Incline Bench?

There are no right or wrong options when it comes to choosing between an incline bench or a flat bench. The most important considerations are your fitness goals, routines, and personal preferences. Some fitness experts recommend that both incline and flat chest presses should be used to get the best results from your weightlifting routine.

Incline benches serve as fantastic alternatives to flat benches when tilted at between 15-30 degrees. Flat benches are excellent choices for routines that work on the upper and lower pec, while incline benches exert more stress on the upper pec and front delts. So, before making a choice, weigh the pros and cons of both benches based on your body requirements.

For a laggy upper chest, an incline bench is a better choice. Although, both can be used in place of each other for some routines.

What Can I Use if I Don't Have An Incline Bench?

There are several alternatives to incline bench presses. Choosing a replacement for incline bench presses depends mainly on your specific routine. So you can use your flat bench for some of your incline bench routines. However, you might have to modify these routines a bit. For instance, most incline bench press dumbbell routines can be carried out on a flat bench.

Higher core activation is required in most incline bench press routines, and dumbbells help achieve this better than barbells. Interestingly, dumbbells also provide specificity with the pectoral muscles. All you have to do is design your routine around which specific muscle you would like to work on.