The Top Barbell Pads for Hip Thrusts & Squats

Looking for the best pads for growing your glutes & legs? Look no further than these three.

fita viva barbell pads
Best Overall

  • Non-Slip Surface for Squatting
  • 1.3" Protective Layer & Foam
  • Comes With Added Cushion

elevator barbell pads
Best Alternative

  • Rubberized Memory Foam Pad
  • IDEAL for Neck & Shoulders
  • Groove in Center for Your Neck

pro fitness barbell pads
Best Premium

  • High-Density Non-Slip Foam
  • Useful for Thrusts & Squats
  • Fits Nearly All Types of Bars

Choosing Your Next Barbell Pad 101

Best Overall

Fit Viva Barbell Pads

An excellent, cost-effective choice for all-around gym use.

best barbell pads for hip thrusts

Why We Like Fit Viva Barbell Pads

Fit Viva Barbell Pad stands out from most other barbell pads because it comes with a 1.3” protective layer and a non-slip surface that makes it more durable. These features also make it suitable for high-intensity workouts. The pads are designed to ensure the comfort and protection of the neck, upper and lower back. The pads can be easily fastened during lifts, making them very stable to use. The Fit Viva barbell is suitable for several workout routines that involve barbells.

Best Alternative

Elevator Fitness Pad

The Elevator Fitness pad is designed best for squats & lunges.

barbell pads for squats

Should You Buy Elevator Fitness Pad?

Elevator Fitness Squat Pad is an 18 by 3.5” squat pad designed to fit Olympic-sized barbells. The barbells can be safely used for several routines from squats, Hip Thrusts, Lunges, etc. This barbell pad is also designed with an ergonomic neck groove to ensure good form and comfort during training. Elevator Fitness Squat Pad also comes with a top-quality rubberized memory foam sponge pad.

Best Premium

ProFitness Barbell Pads

Premium-built to handle heavy hip thrusts & squats.

pro fitness pads for barbell squats and hip thrusts

Why We Recommend ProFitness Barbell Pads

ProFitness Barbell Pad is designed to help prevent stiff backs and aching shoulders after squats and other intense routines. The squat pads are designed to ensure that the weight on the barbell is evenly distributed. Apart from this, the barbell pads are also designed to provide their suitability with various barbells. It simply slides over any barbell making it secure and easy to fit. ProFitness Barbell pads also come with high-density foams that effectively cushion during use.

What Exercises Can I Use My Barbell Pads For?

Several forms of routines can be carried out using a fan bike depending on the fitness goals and targets of the user. However, here are some workout routines that can be carried out using a fan bike.

Tabata: This is a short but intense routine created by Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese scientist. The practice simply involves 20 seconds of the total exercise, with a 10 second recovery period. The routine is suitable on fan bikes that give users control over the intensity and recovery levels.

  • HIIT Intervals: Fan bikes can also be used for several forms of high-intensity interval training.
  • Continuous MISS: Fan bikes are also great for moderate-intensity steady-state cardio.
  • LISS: These routines are often simply just referred to as cardio.
  • Satan’s Tricycle: This is another intense routine that engages both the upper and lower body simultaneously.

Are Maxi Climbers Effective for LISS Workouts?

Barbell pads can be used for an array of routines, particularly routines that require the use of barbells. However, they are most popular for lifting weights over the shoulders.

When doing lunges and squats routines, barbells pads can also come in handy. They simply help make lifting the barbells much easier.