Get A Nice Cobra, Speed Punching Bag

Cobra bags can make an excellent high-calorie burning workout. Here's the best ones.

tech tools cobra bag
Best Value

  • Can Be Adjusted 48-58 inches
  • Perfect for Speed Punching
  • Built for Quality & Durability

protocol speed punching bag
Best Value

  • An Ideal Cobra Bag for Home
  • Comes W/ A Dozen Set Options
  • Economical, Quality Product

maxx cobra bag review
Best for Advanced MMA

  • Ideal Fit for Advanced & MMA
  • High-Grade Punching Bag Design
  • 52-65 in. Height Settings

The Top (3) Cobra Bags in the Market

Best Value

Tech Tools Cobra Bag

An excellent speed punching bag with an adult stand.

cobra bag with adult sized stand

Why We Like Tech Tools Cobra Bag

Tech Tools Punching Bag with Stand is a complete boxing set designed for a wide age range. The punching bag is easy to set up and contains all the essentials needed for a boxing session. A tech tool punching ball is inflatable and usually comes with a durable base and a spring-loaded shaft that is easy-to-adjust.

The package also includes an inflation box for the boxing ball and boxing gloves. Users can also adjust the height of the punching bag based on personal preferences. This Tech Tools punching bag is made of top-quality materials making it very durable and stable.

Best Value

Protocol Cobra Bag

A budget-friendly speed punching bag with stand for exercise.

protocol speed punching bag review

Should You Buy Protocol Cobra Bag?

Protocol punching bag comes in a complete set of an inflatable punching ball, base, a stand which can be adjusted to as high as 58”. The portability of the Protocol punching bag makes it suitable for small spaces and home gyms. The punching bag can also be used by trainers across several competence levels, from beginners to top professionals.

Water or sand can be used to keep the base firmly in place, and the punching bag can stand hard punches and intense workout routines.

Best for Advanced MMA

MaxxMMA Cobra Bag

This cobra bag is best for advanced users training seriously.

maxx cobra bag advanced mma

Why We Recommend MaxxMMA Cobra Bag

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex bag kit 2.0 is an improved punching bag with two different size bags and tension settings to help improve the punching accuracy and timing of users. Concerning height, the bag is adjustable between 52”-65”, making it suitable for a range of individuals.

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra is manufactured with top-quality materials that make it very durable. Users also get hand wrap gel gloves in the MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0 package.

What Are Cobra Speed Bags Used For?

Cobra speed bags are highly sought bags in the fitness industry due to their versatility. These bags are also called speedball bags. For boxers, Cobra speed bags help improve their accuracy, speed, and pinpoint precision. All types of punches can be perfected with cobra speed bags; jabs, hooks, power punches, uppercuts, and several rapid combinations.

Apart from the several defensive and weaving drills, cobra speed bags also help improve hand-eye coordination and shifting weight when punching. Speed bag punching is also an efficient routine in weight loss. So they are recommended for people trying to lose weight for consideration alongside other weight loss strategies.

How Many Calories Can I Burn in a Speed Bag Punching Workout?

With a speed bag punching workout, you can lose between 400 calories to 700 calories depending on your body’s nature and the intensity of your routine. Most speed bag punching routines would still have your metabolic rates increased hours after the workout. This is why speed punching routines are pretty effective for weight loss when combined with other strategies like dieting and eating smartly.

By engaging in speed bag punching workouts, you can lose up to 3 pounds weekly. However, there are other variables to consider. But in all, speed bag punching is highly effective in weight loss.