Here Are The Best 3 Crossfit Shoes for MONSTER WOD's

Having a great pair of Crossfit shoes will make sure that you crush your next WOD completely. Look no further than these three options.

reebok nano x review for crossfit
Best Overall

  • Dedicated to Performance
  • Exceptionally Well-Designed
  • Go-to Shoe for Crossfitters

nike metcon 6 crossfit shoe
Best Runner-Up

  • Built for HIIT & Weightlifting
  • Designed for Max Breathability
  • Most Popular Shoe in Crossfit

nobull training shoes
Best Alternative

  • Built for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Lightweight & Breathable Shoes
  • Flat Sole & Sticky Traction

Here's Our Top 3 Shoes for Crossfit & Related Activities

Best Overall

Reebok Nano X

The Reebok Nano X is a great cost-effective and high-performance shoe option.

reebok nano x crossfit shoe

Why We Like Reebok Nano X

Reebok launched the Nano series in 2011, and they continue to carry on the tradition with the new Nano X. A unique feature of this model is its very adorable looks.

Another thing that distinguishes it from other Nanos is the weight. At 14.4 Oz, it’s the heaviest Nano ever made. One more thing, the X also has the most durable upper in the Nano series. Even with the extra weight, it is still extremely comfortable.

Best Runner-Up

NIKE Metcon 6

The NIKE Metcon 6 are arguably the most popular alternative option for crushing workouts.

nike metcon 6 review

Should You Buy NIKE Metcon 6?

Nike has been a top manufacturer of sports shoes for decades. The Metcon 6, which is an upgrade to the Metcon 5, is another testament to their ability to make top-of-the-range sports shoes. The first thing that differentiates it from the Metcon 5 is the firmer and more cushioned foam around the forefoot.

The Metcon 6 also has a more breathable upper than the previous version. According to Nike, the upper of the Metcon 6 is 18% more breathable than the other versions.

Best Alternative

NOBULL Training Shoes

The NOBULL training shoes are very stylish & great all-around shoes.

nobull training shoe for crossfit

Why We Recommend NOBULL Training Shoes

The NOBULL training shoe is among the most durable training shoes in the market. It is built for hard workers, and it can outlast most training shoes. One of the unique aspects of this shoe is the absence of a full extended sole rope wrap that extends around the upper sides.

This is unlike the Reebok Nanos and the Nike Metcon series. To protect the upper, it is designed with a sturdy rubber pattern instead.

What Type of Shoes Are Best for CrossFit?

CrossFit workouts involve a lot of movement done at high intensity. For this reason, a trainee needs the right shoes to perform such movements that include lunges, plyometric training, squats, climbs, and short runs throughout the training.

A good CrossFit shoe must have a very durable upper to guard the foot when doing rope climbs. The outsole should also have less traction if you’re doing indoor training. This will enhance stability.

A CrossFit shoe with a heel-to-toe drop of less than 4mm is perfect, as it promotes stability around the heel as you lift. It would be great if the shoe has a denser foam beneath the heel for better heel and ankle stability.

Most importantly, your CrossFit shoe should be tough enough to withstand several intensive workouts per week.

Should I Buy Weightlifting Shoes for Olympic Lifting?

There are several answers to this question. Depending on what you aim to achieve, weightlifting shoes may or may not be necessary. However, having a good pair can only have advantages if you’re training to compete professionally.

Runners will always look for shoes that feel good and comfy when they sprint. For some individuals, these same shoes will suffice when lifting weights on a casual level. However, if you’re training for Olympic lifting, it would be nice to get a pair of shoes that offer you a firmer, more stable stance than the average running shoe.