No More Hassle: Get Yourself A Deadlift Jack!

Deadlift jacks help with loading and unloading of the weights to make it easier for you.

dead wedge deadlift helper
Best Budget

  • Easy to Use & Carry Around
  • Can Handle 900-lbs in Capacity
  • Bring It W/ You to the Gym

rogue deadlift bar jack
Best Full DL Jack

  • One-Size Fits All DL Helper
  • Ideal for Residential Gym Use
  • Loading/Unloading Is A Breeze

yes4all mini deadlift jack
Best Mini DL Jack

  • Easy to Carry Around & Use
  • You Can Bring It to the Gym
  • More Convenient than Full Jack

Get the Hassle Off of Deadlifting

Best Budget

Dead Wedge

An easily removable wedge that you place under the weights & remove them in seconds!

deadlift helper dead wedge review

Why We Like Dead Wedge

The Dead Wedge Deadlift Jack Alternative is a relatively better option to most deadlift jacks. This training equipment has all the versatile features of a Deadlift Jack and even more, but it costs a lesser price.

A significant advantage of the Dead wedge is that it can be effortlessly fit into a gym bag. The wedge can be conveniently hung under plates, whether loaded or unloaded. The Dead Wedge comes with a design that prevents the plates from rolling when being loaded or unloaded. The wedge is also compatible with most of the plate designs around, from bumper plates to hexagon.

The Dead wedge carries over 900 pounds. Users also enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee on purchase.

Best Full DL Jack

ROGUE Deadlift Jack

A full-body deadlift jack that helps you lift the whole bar up.

rogue deadlift helper

Should You Buy ROGUE Deadlift Jack?

The Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack is a 2x2” 11-Guage steel jack manufactured in the USA. The deadlift jack is about 42” inches long and 19” wide. The Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack comes with a ¼” thick formed steel cup that has a protective UHMW plastic.

The handle length of the jack is about 34”, and it can be used to lift all standard barbells from the floor level. This makes them very handy in loading and unloading weights.

Best Mini DL Jack

Yes4All Mini Deadlift Jack

An excellent miniature version of a full jack.

yes4all deadlift helper

Why We Recommend Yes4All Mini Deadlift Jack

The Yes4All Mini Deadlift Barbell Jack is an exceptional piece of equipment manufactured from heavy gauge steel material to ensure optimal durability. The stainless steel used in the manufacture of the Yes4All Mini Deadlift Barbell Jack is anti-corrosion. The deadlift comes with a UHMW padded grip to ensure the safety and convenience of users.

It primarily protects the knurling of the bar keeping it in place. Users also get a year warranty and a 60-day satisfaction to ensure they get the best experience on the product.

When Should I Use a Deadlift Wedge vs. a Deadlift Jack?

One of the significant issues surrounding the use of deadlifts is that they are more challenging to load and unload, particularly when multiple people use the barbells. This is why deadlift jacks and wedges are important.

However, depending on the circumstances of use, choosing between a deadlift wedge and a deadlift jack can be pretty tricky. Using personal deadlift jacks might not be very convenient if you use a public gym as they are not easy to move around. Deadlift wedges are better options in these instances.

Ultimately choosing between a deadlift jack and a wedge majorly depends on your specific needs. If you are worried about the ease of use, especially if you have a barbell that a few people use, a deadlift jack might be a better choice.

Can I Bring a Deadlift Wedge to a Public Gym?

Carrying a deadlift jack around can be pretty tedious. This is why most gym users prefer deadlift wedges. Most public gyms that do have a deadlift jack allow the use of deadlift wedges. However, some gyms do not allow deadlift wedges. This is to protect their floors and overall space.

So before getting a deadlift wedge, you should know the policy of your gym concerning deadlift wedges.