Here's Our Top 3 Picks for The Best Gym Bags

The best gym bags should offer you a mix of how much it can carry, style, durability, material, and much more! But don't get overwhelmed, we narrowed the list down for you.

under armor undeniable 3
Best Overall

  • Weather-Resistant & Durable
  • Subtle Style & Plenty of Room
  • Versatile & Cost-Effective Bag

PUMA Men’s Contender bag
Best Men's

  • Very Affordable & Durable Bag
  • IDEAL for Minimalists & Style
  • Compact, Weather-Resistant Bag

PUMA Women’s Evercat Candidate Duffel Bag
Best Women's

  • 100% Polyester & 27" Drop
  • Spacious, But Compact Bag
  • Has Three External Pockets

Breakdown of Our Top 3 Gym Bags

Best Overall

UA Undeniable Duffle

UA offers you a highly versatile & roomy gym bag ideal for all sports & use cases.

ua undeniable 3 duffel bag

Why We Like UA Undeniable Duffle

The Under Armour storm technology used in this duffle gym bag design makes the bag element-battling and highly resistant to water. The side and bottom panels are made with tough and abrasion-resistant materials.

It comes with a padded top grab handle and a ventilated side compartment for gym shoes or laundry. The bag also has a D ring that serves as a point for extra attachment in its front.

Best Men's

PUMA Men’s Contender

A great high-quality gym bag for men that's practical & durable.

review of puma Men’s Contender duffel bag

Should You Buy PUMA Men’s Contender?

The PUMA Men's Contender bag has multiple zippers that help with proper coordination and offers sufficient space to keep workout clothes and equipment. The bag is designed so that there are two ways to carry it in whatever way the user finds convenient, a shorter grab handle that can be webbed together and a longer adjustable and removable shoulder strap. There is a separate shoe compartment that has a mesh vent, which allows for proper ventilation.

Best Women's

PUMA Women’s Evercat

An ideal women's gym bag for those looking for most cost-effective options.

review of PUMA Women’s Evercat Candidate gym bag

Why We Recommend PUMA Women’s Evercat

Puma Women’s Evercat Candidate duffle gym bag is the definition of functional and chic, and it comes in two colors; black and gold. It is soft to touch, made from 100% polyester, and still durable. It has a long, adjustable, and removable shoulder strap. The lightweight and ample storage space of this bag make it perfect for women.

It has a separate ventilated compartment for storing workout shoes. It is splash resistant and can withstand other elements. It is foldable when not in use.

What Should You Look for in a Good Gym Bag?

There are different features people should look out for when choosing a gym bag to buy, and some of these includes:


A perfect gym bag should be spacious. Any gym bag you buy should be able to store all your essentials for the gym conveniently.


A gym bag should be durable, i.e., the materials it’s crafted from should allow it to resist tears and wear so that it would last for a long time.


In choosing the right gym bag, you should also consider its beauty. Is the gym bag sleek and appealing to the eye?


A good gym bag should be highly water-resistant or at least splash resistant. It should be able to withstand elements such as sun, water vapor, etc.


Gym bags are not only carried to the gym or sports practices; you should also be able to double your gym bag as a weekend or travel bag. So, a good gym bag must be versatile.

What Makes Men’s and Women’s Gym Bags Different?

Even though some men and women may use bags produced for the other gender, specific features make Men and Women's Gym Bags different.


Weight is a notable difference between gym bags for women and men. Gym bags for men are generally heavier than those for women. Perhaps due to extra room/spacing.

Shoulder strap:

The shoulder strap lengths for female gym bags are usually shorter and narrower than that of male gym bags.


Gym Bags for women come in more variety of colors than those for men. However, these colors may also appeal to men.