Looking for Gym Chalk? Here's Our Top Three Picks

If you're choosing between your next barbells, here we're going to look at the top choices in the market.

best gym chalk ader review
Best Budget

  • Made With Magnesium Carbonate
  • One Pound of Chalk in Blocks
  • Eight 2-Ounce Blocks of Chalk

gorilla grip frictionlabs review
Best Upgrade

  • Chunky & Sticky Grip Chalk
  • Premium for Lifters & Climbers
  • Hi-Purity Magnesium Carbonate

sportmediq liquid chalk review
Best Liquid Chalk

  • 8.5 OZ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk
  • General Purpose Premium Chalk
  • Air-Dry for 25 Seconds For Use

From Blocks to Liquid: Here Are Your Top Choices!

Best Budget

Ader Gym Chalk

Ader Gym Chalk is a low-cost, budget option for people looking chalk to use in the gym.

ader gym chalk review

Why We Like Ader Gym Chalk

Ader Gym Chalk is magnesium chalk manufactured for hands-on exercise. The chalk is manufactured using only top-quality raw materials and modern methods to provide chalk that keeps moisture from the hands throughout the routine.

This makes the chalk excellent for bodybuilders, powerlifters, climbers, and other processes that require dry hands. One box of Ader Gym Chalk weighs 0.5 kilograms and contains 8 unit 2 OZ blocks of chalk. Ader Gym Chalk comes in white.

Best Upgrade

FrictionLabs Gorilla Grip

The premium chunky chalk option.

gorilla grip gym chalk

Should You Buy FrictionLabs Gorilla Grip?

The Gorilla Grip chalk from FrictionLabs is designed to give lifters, climbers, and people involved in activities that require dry hands top-quality chalk for these activities. Gorilla Grip chalk is made from highly pure magnesium carbonate, meaning that the chalk can keep your hands drier for much longer than regular chalk.

The high purity of the materials used in the process also prevents overdrying. All materials used in the manufacturing process are very safe, and lifters do not have to worry about any impurities getting in their skin or being inhaled.

Best Liquid Chalk


Best liquid chalk for those in gyms that don't normally allow chalk.

sportmediq liquid chalk

Why We Recommend SPORTMEDIQ Pro

Sportmediq Pro Grade Liquid Chalk is designed to help lifters, and other users of the gym get a good grip of the weights, walls, poles, and any other solid surfaces.

A significant advantage of the Sportmediq Pro Grade Liquid Chalk is that it helps you avoid the mess created by regular gym chalk despite offering all the benefits of regular chalk in giving an excellent grip on weights and other surfaces. The liquid chalk is also easy and safe to use.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Gym Chalk & Liquid Chalk?

From regular gym activities to calisthenics and a range of other sports, chalk is essential to improve performance. In choosing between regular gym chalk and liquid chalk, there are some important points to note about both kinds of chalk. One significant difference between both is the ingredients used. Most regular gym chalks are made from Calcium Carbonate, while the liquid chalk mainly contains Magnesium Carbonate.

Apart from Magnesium Carbonate, liquid chalk also contains Rosin and alcohol. This gives it the peculiar smell perceived when applied. The ethanol dissolves the other ingredients but dries off quickly when applied to the hands.

A major advantage of liquid chalk over regular chalk is that it does not create any mess often observed with regular chalk.

How Will Gym Chalk Help My Performance?

Experiencing slips during lifts and other routines can be dangerous. This is where gym chalks come in. Gym chalks help you improve your grip and protect your hands against skin tears, especially if you are involved in intense routines like chin-ups or deadlifts. Also, most exercises can cause you to sweat, so even if you dry your hands at the beginning of a routine, there is still a chance that they might get wet during the routine.

This is what makes gym chalks a must for every gym user. However, apart from the basic safety considerations, chalk also improves your overall performance by enhancing your grip.