Hand Grippers: Old Fashioned Grip Strength

This is how you get really strong hands, and grip. Let's dive in.

captains of crush hand grippers
Best Overall

  • 11 Levels of Hand Strength
  • Industry Leader Since 1988
  • Ideal for Beginners & Advanced

gd hand gripper strength training
Best Upgrade

  • 55 to 198-lb Strength Settings
  • Best for TOTAL Advancement
  • Save On A Set, Buy GD Instead!

heavy grips hand strengthening set
Best Set

  • Weights from 100 to 200 lbs
  • 50-lbs Increment Per Set
  • Advanced Packs Have Up to 350

Here Are The Best Grippers for Hand Strength

Best Overall

Captains of Crush

The ultimate grip strength training of all time.

hand strengthening tools

Why We Like Captains of Crush

Grip training equipment is vital to strengthening stronger hand muscles. Captains of Crush hand grippers offer a cheap solution to this. The hand gripper is a piece of training equipment designed to help athletes develop stronger hands. The Captains of Crush grippers come in 11 strengths allowing users to transit from one hand gripper strength to another.

They are manufactured from durable materials and are also designed to help protect your hands from injuries. A major perk of this hand gripper is its affordability and variety, allowing users a wide range of strength levels.

Best Upgrade

GD Premium Hand Gripper

A revolutionary design that allows for far more levels of strength settings.

strength training with gd hand grippers

Should You Buy GD Premium Hand Gripper?

The GD Grip Premium Hand Grip is a durable hand training equipment that offers 6 resistance levels between 55 and 176 lbs. Users can adjust the resistance levels based on personal preferences. A major perk of the GD Grip Premium Grip is its noiseless nature.

You can conveniently use the hand gripper without worrying about any weird noises. The portable nature of the grip and its pipe-down nature is why it can be used anywhere, anytime.

Best Set

Heavy Grips Set

A set of (3) hand grippers ranging from beginner to advanced.

heavy grips set for grip strength

Why We Recommend Heavy Grips Set

Heavy Grips Sets are hand grippers designed to help athletes improve the strength in the forearms, wrists, and fingers. They are suitable for use on the go and come with adjustable resistance levels of up to 350 lbs. These levels are at 50 lbs intervals to cater to a wide array of users.

The handles of the Heavy Grips Set are manufactured from aluminum to ensure optimal durability. Apart from the durability, the handles also have a non-slip surface to make them easy to use.

Will Hand Grip Exercises Improve My Hand Strength?

Most gym users often make the mistake of confusing grip strength with hand strength. In assessing grip strength, the musculature close to the elbow down to the tip of the fingers are considered. This is why grip exercises are more wholesome when considering hand strength.

Most parts of the forearm and hand flexor muscles originate from above the elbow and tend to affect the strength of the grip. So beyond just looking out for hand strength, it is essential to look out for routines that help improve the grip strength in total. Also, in the recovery process of certain conditions, hand grip exercises are recommended to help get back in shape fully. However, improper training can lead to several forms of injury.

Overall. Handgrip exercises help improve grip strength which also includes hand strength. Most hand grippers help improve strength from the wrist down to the fingertips.

Where Can I Find Great Hand Grip Workouts?

The hands are required for almost all activities, from the regular day-to-day activities to the more intense gym activities. A firm grip would go a long way to improve the quality of your performance as an athlete. This is why hand grip workouts are crucial. However, these routines are in various forms and can be carried out using special hand grippers.

However, if you are looking out for some practices to try out to improve your grip strength. Some of the exercises you can try out include:

Crush: This routine involves closing the whole hands around something. The thumb is vital in this routine. Some other hand grip workout routines include pinch, support, extension, wrist work, etc.