Knee Wraps That Will Boost Your Squat

These knee wraps have been battle-tested on the platform.

inzer knee wraps
Best Value

  • 2.0 Meters in Length for Pair
  • Various Sizes Are Available
  • Go-to Wraps 4 Record Breakers

sling shot knee wraps for powerlifting
Best Upgrade

  • Heavy-Duty 4 Level Compression
  • Approved in Most Federations
  • Built by Powerlifters 4 PL'ers

mava knee wraps for squats
Best Budget

  • 72-inch in Length Knee Wraps
  • Streachable & Elastic Fabric
  • Used for Support for All Sizes

Some More Information On These Knee Wraps

Best Value

Inzer Knee Wraps

The Inzer are a long-time favorite in the community. Thousands of records have been broken with them.

iron z knee wraps for squats

Why We Like Inzer Knee Wraps

The Inzer Knee Wraps are rubber strand knee wraps designed to hold the knees in place without a need for chalking. Inzer knee wraps are popular for not slipping around on the skin like some other wraps. The wraps are about 13.5 x 3 x 2.5 inches and weigh about 3 pounds. The wrap generates a lot of power and energy, even not at total tightness. This makes it suitable for a range of intense routines.

Best Upgrade

Sling Shot Knee Wraps

Looking to break the next squat record? These heavy-duty wraps are for you.

best upgrade knee wraps for powerlifting

Should You Buy Sling Shot Knee Wraps?

If you are looking for a knee wrap that keeps you protected throughout your workout, then the Sling Shot Knee Wraps are one of the best options to look out for. These knee wraps are manufactured from resilient materials that conform to the knee, providing gentle support all through your routine.

It is the best choice for athletes looking for more spring from their knee wrap. The wrap is manufactured with softer materials to allow users to do full-range deeper squats at professional levels.

Best Budget

Mava Knee Wraps

The go-to choice for those working with tighter budgets.

budget knee wraps for squats

Why We Recommend Mava Knee Wraps

The Mava Sports Knee Wraps are elastic knee wraps with an adjustable hook and loop closure. This means users don’t have to worry about loose ends. The Mava Sports knee wraps are 72 inches long and are easily adjustable based on compression requirements.

The length of the knee wraps makes them suitable as knee braces, sleeves, bands, etc. The material used for the knee wraps also helps ensure the knee wraps do not slip off. The Mava Sports knee wraps can also be used in the event of injury or recovery.

How Are Knee Wraps & Knee Sleeves Different?

Knee wraps and knee sleeves, though similar, have several significant differences. While knee wraps are made from elastic and are often worn to improve the load lifted, most knee sleeves are made from neoprene and help improve the blood flow to the knees and muscles in that region.

Knee wraps go round the knee, giving users the chance to set preferred tightness, while knee sleeves are often designed to slide up the lower leg. Knee sleeves are designed to slide up the lower leg, whereas knee wraps spiral around the knee in a circular fashion.

Due to the difference used in the manufacturing process, the more you stretch the materials around the knee, the higher the elastic potential energy in knee wraps, creating optimal stability and tightness around the knee.

Are Knee Wraps Allowed in Powerlifting Competitions?

Currently, knee wraps are not allowed in most powerlifting contests, including the IPF. However, some federations accept them, although there are often conditions associated with using these knee wraps. These conditions cover the specifications of the knee wraps that may be accepted.

Knee wraps help resist flexion at the joint. Just like knee sleeves, knee wraps were first designed to offer protection to lifter’s knees. With time, it was discovered that wearing the wraps tighter helps the lifters squat better. Some wraps could allow athletes to squat up to 75 lbs more than they usually would. This is why they are strictly regulated in most contests.