The Best Choices for Mirrors for Home Gyms

Need to form check? Or just want to flex at home? Here's the top three picks.

edgewood parkwood mirrors for home gyms
Best Overall

  • Available in 11.5X11.5 / 14X14
  • Best as Wall-Mount & Full-Body
  • Comes W/ Double-Side Adhesive

fab glass and mirror review for home gyms
Best Runner-Up

  • 36X60" Full Mirror Home Kit
  • DIY Easy Install for Home Gyms
  • Cheap, Affordable & Ships Fast

better bavel h rectangle mirrors for home gyms
Best Alternative

  • Wall-Mounted, Full Body Mirror
  • 0.25" Glass for No Reflection
  • Installs in 10 Minutes or Less

Choose The Mirrors for Your Home Gym From Here:

Best Overall


THe EDGEWOOD Mirrors are ideal for wall-mounting and used as full-body mirrors.

edgewood parkwood mirrors

Why We Like EDGEWOOD Parkwood

The EDGEWOOD Parkwood mirror is a wall mount mirror with a silver back and polished edges. This edge polishing gives the mirror both an aesthetic appeal and improved durability.

Unlike most other mirrors that are rectangular, the Edgewood Parkwood mirror is a square mirror that is 11.5 x 11.5 inches. The mirror is suitable for an array of spaces, including gym spaces. Edgewood Parkwood Mirrors provide evident reflections and only weigh about 5.6 lbs.

Best Runner-Up

Fab Glass & Mirror

The Flab Glass & Mirror is a commercial-use full-body mirror ideal for Home Gyms.

fab glass and mirror review

Should You Buy Fab Glass & Mirror?

The Fab Glass and Mirror GM is an HD tempered wall mirror kit for gym spaces. The mirror is manufactured HD tempered glass and is both copper and lead-free. The Fab glass is about ¼” thick with a 1” beveled edge.

The mirror is rectangular (48 x 0.25 inches). The mirror weighs about 120lbs and comes with four mirror clips, mounting screws, J Bar, and a mirror adhesive to make it easy for users to install by themselves.

Best Alternative

H Frameless Mirror

A sleek & minimalist full-body mirror for your home gym needs.

better bavel h rectangle mirrors

Why We Recommend H Frameless Mirror

The H Frameless Rectangular Bathroom is a 36 x 60 inches rectangular mirror suitable for several public spaces. The mirror is sleek and comes in a classic frameless design. The mirror can be mounted on your wall in both vertical and horizontal orientation based on your space and preferences.

The mirror weighs about 30.67 lbs and comes with a protective coating that prevents corrosion and tarnishing. The manufacturer also offers a 180-day return policy on the mirror.

What Should I Look For In-Home Gym Mirrors?

Gym mirrors are important as they help keep tabs on your progress. Also, in instances where you need to check out parts of your body where you cannot easily view, a mirror can be very handy in cases like this. However, when getting a mirror for your home gym, some of the important considerations to note include:

  • Size: For home gyms, bigger mirrors are recommended. However, you should look out for your space to ensure you don’t get something too big for your home gym.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: As much as you are getting a mirror for your home gym, mainly for functionality, it doesn’t hurt to get something that looks good. Ensure to get something that gives your room an amazing aesthetic appeal.
  • Durability: Mirrors are delicate objects, and they often require extreme care in handling. However, a good number of mirrors also come with protective measures to give the mirror improved durability.

Is It Expensive to Get Mirrors for My Home Gym?

There are several kinds of mirrors available for different price options. Most premium mirrors are relatively expensive compared to the average price in the industry. However, you are sure to find averagely priced mirrors of good quality for your home gym. When choosing a mirror, it is important to consider your budget based on what your preferences are. For most home gyms, you might not need a huge mirror.

However, for commercial gym spaces, the larger the mirror, the better. Also, in these kinds of spaces, it is important to get very durable mirrors which are often more expensive than smaller and less durable mirrors.