Our Top Picks for ON Powder Flavors

Pick from any one of these flavors & you won't go wrong!

extreme milk chocolate review
Best Overall

  • 24g of Protein 5g of BCAA's
  • Mix Whey Isolate & Concentrate
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors

vanilla ice cream
Best Vanilla

  • IDEAL For Vanilla Lovers
  • 24g of Protein & 5.5g of BCAAs
  • Best to Buy in Bulk Quantities

review of the mocha cappuccino
Best Alternative

  • Rich Coffee-Like Mocha Taste
  • 24g of Protein & 5.5 of BCAA's
  • Contains Up To 4g of Sugars

Details On Why We Picked These Flavors

Best Overall

Extreme Milk Chocolate

A mix of chocolate, and milk.

optimum nutrition extreme milk chocolate

Why We Like Extreme Milk Chocolate

Optimum Nutrition’s Extreme Milk Chocolate is the brand’s most popular whey protein choice. Like all of ON’s whey protein powder products, it includes a protein blend made of whey protein isolate and natural and artificial flavors.

The big difference between this protein powder choice and other flavors from ON is found in its ingredients. All protein powders from this brand have the same core nutritional benefits, such as three or 4 g of carbs, 1 to 3 g of sugar, and 1 to 1.5 g of fat.

The Extreme Milk Chocolate flavor contains extra cocoa powder and sucralose, which makes it a little more palatable for people who don’t like the taste of whey protein. However, this also means the Extreme Milk Chocolate flavor is a little more on the sugary side, containing 2 g of sugar as opposed to just 1.

Best Vanilla

Vanilla Ice Cream

The go-to choice for vanilla lovers (and ice cream!).

vanilla ice cream review

Should You Buy Vanilla Ice Cream?

As touched on above, all of ON’s protein powder flavors are basically the same but have mild differences in terms of their nutritional or flavoring content. For example, the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor protein powder has only 1 g of sugar while including 4 g of carbohydrates. It’ll also provide 24 g of protein per serving.

Thus, the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor could be a slightly better choice if you want to lose weight or want to keep your sugar intake down if you are on a diet while trying to build muscle.

Best Alternative

Mocha Cappucino

THE pick for coffee lovers.

mocha cappuccino review

Why We Recommend Mocha Cappucino

Like the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor, ON’s Mocha Cappuccino flavor includes 1 g of sugar, but it only includes 3 g of carbohydrates. So it won’t fill you up quite as much as the other two flavors described above, but it could also be a good choice for losing weight while building muscle simultaneously.

Naturally, this flavor includes a little bit of coffee powder. So it does contain a small amount of caffeine you may or may not feel depending on how much coffee you drink each day.

Are There Differences in Sugar & Powder Content Between Flavors?

Slightly, yes. The main difference can be found in sugar content. As mentioned above, the Extreme Milk Chocolate flavor has the most sugar for a protein powder in the options seen earlier. You can use this information to determine which protein powder choice will be best depending on your dietary goals.

Regardless, each protein powder tub has the same amount of powder per purchase, such as 1 pound, 2 pounds, 5 pounds, or 10 pounds.

Which ON Protein Powder Flavor Has the Least Calories?

They all have the same amount of calories, actually: 120. Ultimately, any of these protein powder choices will make you more likely to build muscle and lose weight than if you were to use another snack or supplement alternative.

While there are protein powder choices that have fewer calories, like egg white protein powders, 120 cal isn’t going to throw off your diet plan unless you significantly overeat.