How to Choose the Best Shoes for Squatting

The best pair of squatting shoes will allow you to remain stable & balanced during heavy lifts. Here's our top picks.

adidas powerlift 4 squat shoes
Best Overall

  • Best Price to Performance
  • .6″ Heel Lift (My IDEAL)
  • Highly Stable & Sturdy Shoe

nike romaleos 4 squat shoes
Best Premium

  • Midsole Strap for Stability
  • The MOST Sturdy Shoe of All
  • Very Stylish & Popular Shoes

do-win weightlifting shoes review
Best Alternative

  • 0.75" Hard Plastic Heel
  • IDEAL for Heavy Squats
  • Established & Trusted Company

Here's Our Top 3 Shoes for Heavy Squatting

Best Overall

Adidas Powerlift 4

The Powerlift 4's offer the best combination of value and performance.

review of adidas powerlift 4 shoes

Why We Like Adidas Powerlift 4

The Adidas Powerlift 4 is produced by Adidas in commemoration of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A unique feature of this weightlifting shoe is the material used to design the outer part of the shoe, Canvas. This material is different from the synthetic leather and mesh used to design previous models. Canvas is durable, flexible, and light.

Another hallmark of this shoe is the Heel loop, which allows one to easily put on the shoe without pressing on the heel. This feature facilitates easy wearing of the shoe.

Best Premium

Nike Romaleos 4

The Nike Romaleos 4 are a favorite of many & a great upgrade pick for many lifters.

review of the nike romaleos 4

Should You Buy Nike Romaleos 4?

Nike Romaleo 4 is the fourth in the series of Olympics weightlifting shoes by Nike. The shoe is crafted with strength, support, and stability in mind. The upper part of the shoe is designed with very flexible and dense fabrics.

For comfort, the ankle collar is made with non-rip materials. Aside from the shoelace, the shoe also has two straps that help secure the foot during an intense workout. The 7 ‘points’ of the outsole also provides sideway stability.

Best Alternative

Do-Win Weightlifting

The Do-Win shoes are known for their plastic heel which makes them ideal for heavy squats.

heavy squatting do-win weightlifting shoes

Why We Recommend Do-Win Weightlifting

The heel is made from TPU, which is a non-compressible, lightweight, and sturdy material. Like other weightlifting shoes, the Do-Win shoe allows the hips to remain in position when squatting. It also provides a solid grip to the feet, especially by maximizing ankle mobility.

The shoe comes in a wide and extra-large size, making it a perfect fit for people with broad and big feet that may not find their actual size with some other brands.

What Makes A Good Weightlifting Shoe?

Several qualities make a weightlifting shoe great, and some of them include:

  • Sturdy heel: the sturdy heel of weightlifting shoes allows one to apply as much pressure to the floor without feeling uncomfortable, especially during exercises requiring one to apply force to the floor.
  • Secure grip: The shoe should have a solid grip and fit that won’t allow the shoe to fall out when working out. Weightlifting shoes typically have, in addition to shoelaces, straps that provide this security.
  • Durable design materials: the materials used to craft the shoes are durable and flexible. Weightlifting shoes protect the feet because of the extra padding the materials used to design the shoes provide. The materials protect the feet from any mishap during exercise.

What Exercises Can Weightlifting Shoes Be Used For?

Weightlifting shoes can be used for Squats, Deadlift, CrossFit, and Powerlifting exercises.

1. Squats

Squats exercises are performed by almost all athletes in their workout sessions. When the high heeled weightlifting shoe is used for this workout, it improves mobility and mechanics. It also makes full depth for a squatter easy, and helps posture. The low-heeled shoes help with hip hinge movements.

2. Deadlifts

Weightlifting shoes help to provide security and stability for the feet when carrying out the deadlift. The two strapped weightlifting shoe is great for heavy pulling.

3. CrossFit

The CrossFit exercise is a very intense exercise that involves performing functional movements. Weightlifting shoes are perfect for this exercise because it ensures the balance of the person working out when they land.

4. Powerlifting

The range of ankle motion performed during powerlifting makes weightlifting shoes perfect for this type of workout. The shoes provide a secure grip for the feet during exercise.