Buy Your Next Squat Rack From These Three Picks

I was in your same position when COVID started. Here's my top choices about Squat Racks from my research & experiences.

hulkfit squat rack for home gym
Best Budget

  • 11-Gauge Steel, 2.5X2.5" Frame
  • 1000-lb Capacity for Strength
  • Dimensions: 81" x 44" x 47"

rogue r3 power rack for home gym
Best Value

  • 2x3" 11-Gauge Steel Uprights
  • 5/8” Westside Pattern Holes
  • 90" in Height & 24" in Depth

rogue flat foot rack rml390f
Best Flat-Foot Rack

  • Flat-Foot & Stable Power Rack
  • 48X49" Footprint & 92" Height
  • 30" Depth & 43" Pull-up Bar

We've Got You Covered On The Best Squat Racks Out

Best Budget

HulkFit 1000-Pound Power Rack

The HulkFit Power Cage is a great budget option for a home gym for any type of training.

hulkfit squat rack

Why We Like HulkFit 1000-Pound Power Rack

This HulkFit square rack is an exceptional cable crossover machine that is compatible with all HulkFit Power Cages. It has a 1000-pound weight capacity, although the recommended capacity is 500 pounds. The HulkFit square rack comes with a heavy-duty steel frame and a broad base to ensure users’ stability and safety.

The square rack has wide-open wings to ensure you can use the rack even if you are using barbells up to 7ft long.

Best Value

Rogue R-3

The Rogue R-3 is a smaller footprint power rack that's excellent for garage and/or home gyms.

rogue r3 power rack review

Should You Buy Rogue R-3?

The Rogue R-3 Power Rack belongs to the Rouge Infinity R-Series and is about 84” tall. The rack is an improvement on the model used by several powerlifters and is one of the most compact racks in the R-series.

The major perks of the Rogue R-3 are the versatility and durability of the rack. The Rogue R-3 Power Rack has an interior depth of 24”, and its overall footprint is about 53” by 34”. These features make it suitable for most gym spaces.

Best Flat-Foot Rack

RML-390F Flat Foot

The RML-390F is a flat-foot rack that doesn't have to be bolted down & holds steady.

rogue rml390f

Why We Recommend RML-390F Flat Foot

The RML-390F belongs to the Rogue RML and is regarded as the flat-foot version of the RML-3 Monster Lite Power Rack. You can choose to order this rack as a stand-alone unit, or you can convert an existing squat stand.

The rack has a self-stabilizing base and does not need to be bolted to the ground like other racks. The entire footprint of the rack is just 48” x 49” with a depth of about 30”.

Should I Get A Bolt-Down Or Flat-Foot Rack?

The two primary things to consider when getting a square rack are bolt-down and flat-foot racks in terms of base. Bolt-down racks need to be bolted to the ground for them to stand firm, while flat-foot racks often do not need to be bolted down. Flat-foot designed racks are designed to be heavy-duty enough to ensure their stability without requiring any extra bracing.

Choosing between both types of racks often depends on your space requirements. For instance, if you might need to move the rack around from time to time, a bolt-down rack is not a suitable option. This is why flat-foot racks are better suited for home gyms, as you might not have the luxury to screw the rack to the floor. However, commercial gyms that do not need to move the racks and prefer the improved stability it offers might go for bolt-down racks.

How Do I Know if a Power Rack Will Fit in My Garage?

To know if a power rack would fit in your garage, you have to look out for three important factors:

  • Compactness: Always consider the spatial dimensions of the power rack to know how compact the rack is. A compact rack would better fit your garage.
  • Height: This is sometimes expressed as depth. It is important to consider both the height of your rack and the vertical space of your garage. You do not want to get something that would be higher than your garage.
  • Weight Capacity: Most home gym racks do not have high weight requirements. However, it is important to check out the weight of the rack and its capacity. A high-capacity rack would probably not be suitable for your garage.