Get BIG W/ These Wall-Mounted Pull Up Bars

Safe, secure, and sturdy. These pull-up bars are your go to choice for solid workouts from home.

wall mounted pull up bar for home workouts
Best Value

  • Most Cost-Effective Option
  • 6-Hole Configuration & Steel
  • 440-lbs Weight Capacity

pull up bars with dips attachment
Best Multi-Functional

  • Allows for Far More Grips
  • Chins, Dips, And/or Pull-Ups
  • 440-lbs Weight Capacity

multi functional wall mounted pull up bar for home gyms
Best Alternative

  • Can Do Chins, Dips & Pullups
  • Has Additional Accessories
  • 440-lbs Weight Capacity

Picking A Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar for Home

Best Value

OneTwoFit Pull-Up Bar

A basic, premium-built pull up bar with no extra "stuff".

good pull up bar for home

Why We Like OneTwoFit Pull-Up Bar

OneTwoFit wall-mounted pull-up bar is manufactured with heavy-duty steel that makes it very stable and rigid. The bar can support up to 440 pounds and is suitable for a range of routines to build muscle. The wall-mounted bar is well padded with both band and arm cushions to ensure you are comfortable during your exercises.

The pull-up bar is easy to set up and install. It can only be installed on concrete or brick walls and should not be installed on plaster or drywall.

Best Multi-Functional

OneTwoFit Multi-Functional Bar

OneTwoFit Bar w/ Dips, Chins & Pull-Ups.

multi functional wall mounted pull and chin bars

Should You Buy OneTwoFit Multi-Functional Bar?

This OneTwoFit wall-mounted pull-up bar is also very stable and can support up to 440 lbs. Made of heavy-duty metal, the pull-up bar is rigid and can be used for an array of chest, abdomen, waist, and lower limb routines. The pull-up bar is durable and well-padded to ensure the comfort of users during use.

OneTwoFit multifunctional pull-up bar is easy to assemble and install and should only be used on brick or concrete walls.

Best Alternative

BDL Wall Mounted Bar

A multi-functional pull-up bar w/ Chins, Dips, and Pull-Ups attachments.

bdl multi functional wall mounted pull up bar for home gyms review

Why We Recommend BDL Wall Mounted Bar

BDL wall-mounted pull-up bars are designed for brick or concrete walls and are made of heavy-duty metal. This makes them very rigid and stable. The pull bar has multiple grip positions, giving users a variety of options to work out from.

BDL wall-mounted pull bars also come with anti-slip handles that ensure users’ safety and convenience during exercise. The pull-up station also has a 2” high density back cushion support that helps reduce the pressure on the elbow and spine.

How Do I Know if a Mounted Pull-Up Bar Will Hold My Weight?

The first step to knowing the weight limits of a mounted pull-up bar is to understand the different types of pull-up bars available and their weight limits. Understanding that each brand of pull-up bars comes with varying weight capacity helps you to look out for these requirements when buying these bars.

Apart from the manufacturer requirements, some general tricks can be used to know the weight limits of a pull-up bar. The most common is testing the pull-up bar. However, this test should be carried out gradually.

Some of the other factors that affect the weight requirement of the pull-up bar include attachments, materials used in manufacture, the capacity of anchor, other features, e.g., leverage mounted, etc.

Are Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars Safe for Kids & Adults?

Pull-up bars are popular for home gyms. One consideration to look out for is the safety of the bar for kids and adults. Generally, pull-up bars are safe for use. However, the safety of the bar depends on several factors, including the weight requirements, the nature of the wall, and the frequency of use.

Pull-up bars attached to doors are relatively less stable than the ones fixed permanently to walls. So in looking out for how safe a pull-up bar is, it is essential to carefully look out for these considerations.