Get Your Next Weight Bench From These Top Three

A flat bench will be one of the most important pieces of equipment in your gym. With these selections, you're in good hands.

rep fb5000 competition weight bench
Best Overall

  • 1,000-lb Capacity Weight Bench
  • 17X48X12" Competition Standard
  • 3" Thick Pad With Plywood Base

rogue utlity weight bench
Best Alternative

  • 12X18X48" Standard Dimensions
  • Premium Built, Handles 1000-lb
  • No Assembly Needed, Ships Fast

marcy utility weight bench
Best Budget

  • 17X14X43 in. Bench Dimensions
  • Can Handle Up to 600 Pounds
  • Heavy-Duty Build for Support

The Top Possible Choices for Your Next Weight Bench

Best Overall

REP FB-5000 Bench

The REP FB-5000 is a competition-grade bench built to international powerlifting standards.

rep fb5000 weight bench

Why We Like REP FB-5000 Bench

The Rep FB-5000 is a heavy-duty weight bench designed for big lifts. The bench is 3-post and is constructed to ensure weightlifters are uninhibited in carrying out their routines. The REP FB-500 is particularly designed to provide stability during weightlifting. It is compatible with REP Wide Pad for weightlifters that prefer wide benching spaces.

The bench is also about 17” high to ensure athletes can position their feet appropriately when lifting. Although the REP FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench weighs only about 62 lbs, it has a rating of up to 1000 lbs. The total area occupied by the bench is about 7.25 Square Feet.

Best Alternative

Rogue Utility Bench

The ROGUE Utility Bench is a high-quality product without unnecessarily added gimmicks.

rogue weight bench v2

Should You Buy Rogue Utility Bench?

The Rogue Utility Bench is an ergonomically designed weight bench manufactured using 11-gauge steel construction, top-quality neoprene pads, and a pair of wide-set legs placed at the best angles to ensure optimal stability. The bench weighs just 40 pounds and can hold very heavy weights.

So, irrespective of the weight you’re lifting, you can rest assured that the Rogue Utility Bench will give you the support you need. The bench comes in black and occupies a footprint of 48” x 14”.

Best Budget

Marcy Flat Bench

Working with a budget? The Marcy Flat Bench might just be what you need as a starter option.

marcy bench review

Why We Recommend Marcy Flat Bench

The Marcy Flat weight bench is a suitable bench for various routines, ranging from full-body workouts to specific muscle routines. The bench is manufactured from top-quality materials, including high-density foam and other boxed upholstery.

The Marcy Flat bench can carry up to 600 lbs and is reinforced with powder coating to prevent quick wear and tear of the bench for heavy use. This bench is suitable for home gyms and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How Do I Know the Maximum Capacity of a Weight Bench?

The maximum weight capacity of a weight bench simply describes how much weight the bench can hold. Most weight benches tend to have high max capacities, with some holding up to 1000lbs. Most manufacturers indicate the max capacity of the weight bench. You can estimate the maximum capacity of your bench by testing the limits of the bench manually.

However, this can be difficult and quite strenuous. So if you are looking out for the maximum weight limit of your weight bench, the first step is to look out for it on any packaging materials and manuals from the manufacturer.

What Should I Look For in A Weight Bench?

Bench presses are one of the vital weight lifting devices for a gym. When buying a weight bench, there are some important things to consider. Some of these factors include:

  • Type and Size of Bench: Weight benches are part of the entire bench press setup. However, these benches come in different shapes and sizes. It is essential to look out for the type of bench that best suits your routine and gym space before choosing.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Benches have various weight capacities. Therefore, you should look out for the maximum capacity of a bench before making a choice. As much as possible, you want to ensure the bench can carry whatever weight you are using with it conveniently. Apart from these two factors, some of the other factors to consider when choosing a weight bench include the bench’s adjustability, the assembling process, durability, etc.