Find the Best Weighted Dip Belts in the Market Here

Looking for a weighted dip belt? Performance, durability, and security are the most important aspects. Let's examine our top choices.

dmoose weighted dip belt review
Best Overall

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Chain (36”)
  • Reinforced for Heavy Weights
  • Fits Most Waist Sizes & Shapes

harbinger weighted dip belt review
Best Runner-Up

  • Built for HIGH Security
  • Created for Strength & Power
  • One Size Fits All Design

gymreapers weighted dip belt
Best Upgrade

  • Heavy-Duty 30-Inch Steel Chain
  • Has Great Multi-Use Utility
  • Durable & Premium Material

Let's Take A Look At Our Top 3 Picks of Dip Belts

Best Overall

DMoose Fitness Dip Belt

The DMoose Belt will give you the performance & security you need to load on heavy weights.

dmoose weighted dip belt

Why We Like DMoose Fitness Dip Belt

The DMoose belt is a fitness dip belt that is made from high-quality neoprene material. The belt is secure and firm with a balanced ergonomic design.

The 36 inches’ belt has a heavy-duty steel chain that allows one to attach objects of various weights during workouts and training. The belt has a carabiner or hook, and it also has extra D steel rings that allow for attachment.

Best Runner-Up

Harbinger Dip Belt

The Harbigner Belt is deal for heavy weight training & designed with adjustable sizes.

harbinger dip belt

Should You Buy Harbinger Dip Belt?

This Polypropylene belt has padding so soft that it doesn’t dig into the waist or hips during exercise. The chain is about 30 inches long and is so strong you can hook up to three 45 lbs. plate.

The polypropylene material used ensures that even after years of usage, the Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt doesn’t wear, tear or lose its form and shape. It is designed to offer excellent lower back support, and it is very comfortable to use.

Best Upgrade

Gymreapers Dip Belt

The Gymreapers Belt is for those looking for DURABILITY & QUALITY at a premium.

gymreapers weighted dip belt review

Why We Recommend Gymreapers Dip Belt

Gymreapers dip belt is made with contoured neoprene back padding. The 30 inches’ chain is produced from heavy-duty steel, which guarantees strength and conveniently secures weight.

It can take up to 200 lbs. of weight without any risk of it breaking during usage. The belt has an extra thick D ring for attachment and steel carabiners.

What Should I Look For In A Weighted Dip Belt?

In choosing the right Weighted Dip Belt, it is vital to consider some of the following:

  • The belt’s material: Belts are made from various materials, ranging from leather to synthetic materials such as neoprene to polypropylene. You can choose the one that appeals to you the most.
  • The chain’s carrying capacity: The chain or cord attached to the belt has a different amount of weight it can carry. Some can hold over 300 lbs. without breaking, while some can’t. The weight you want to add will direct you on the right path when deciding which type of dip belt to buy. It will determine the strength of the belt you choose.
  • The design of the belt: Some belts are designed ergonomically and provide excellent support for the back. Such belts also improve posture. However, some weighted dip belts are not crafted ergonomically, and they can be considered when looking out for a pad. Some belts also have back paddings, while others don’t.

What Can I Use A Dip Belt For?

Dip belts are also called hip belts. They are made from either leather or other synthetic materials that go around the waist or hip. They often have chains or cords that weights can be attached to. Dip belts are used when carrying out dip exercises and when during bodybuilding exercises and training. They help to add additional weight during training, and this helps to build resistance.

Dip belts can be used for squat exercise, which allows one to hold weight without using a bar, and it is an effective way to add weight without stressing the spine.

Dip belts can also be used for a weighted walk, which is essentially walking with the dip belt while weight hangs from it. This routine helps to build the muscles in the glute. Running with a resistance band and weighted hangs and also strengthen the core.