Looking for Workout Shoes? Here's What You Want:

Your next pair of workout shoes are waiting for you. Which one of these three will it be?

reebok nano x review for working out
Best Overall

  • Dedicated to Performance
  • Exceptionally Well-Designed
  • Go-to Shoe for Crosfitters

nike metcon 6 gym shoe
Best Runner-Up

  • Built for HIIT & Weightlifting
  • Designed for Max Breathability
  • Most Popular Shoe in Crossfit

adidas supernova workout shoes
Best Value

  • Cheap, Functional Running Shoe
  • Hybrid Shoe & Synthetic Sole
  • Value Option for EVERYDAY Use

Here's Our Top 3 Picks for Workout Shoes

Best Overall

Reebok Nano X

The Reebok Nano X is a great cost-effective and high-performance shoe option.

reebok nano x workout shoe

Why We Like Reebok Nano X

The Reebok Nano X was reimagined to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic Nano shoes, which are well-loved in the athletic community. The elevated technology employed in this shoe design uses the Flexweave, which provides stability, durability, and breathability.

Besides, the Nano X is designed with a new collar construction that ensures maximum comfort because of the high-density foam around the ankle.

Best Runner-Up

NIKE Metcon 6

The NIKE Metcon 6 are arguably the most popular alternative option for crushing workouts.

nike metcon 6 shoes for working out

Should You Buy NIKE Metcon 6?

The NIKE Metcon 6 was designed with particular consideration for athletes. It has a firm build, and yet, it’s lightweight. The upper part is breathable, and the sole offers cushioning that provides support for the joints in the lower body.

The shoe was created with a dual-density foam that is thicker under the heels and cushioned slightly in the forefront. This design helps to absorb impacts during an intense workout.

Another unique feature of the Nike Metcon 6 is that it has a removable hyperlift insert to improve stability. The Flywire lacing technology gives a secure and snug fit.

Best Value

Adidas Supernova

The Adidas Supernova is a great value option for those looking for everyday-use running shoes.

adidas supernova shoes for the gym

Why We Recommend Adidas Supernova

This Supernova design by Adidas is a result of data-driven studies carried out on runners. The shoe offers flexibility, provides supports, and is breathable. The upper part has a breathable mesh that allows air to reach the feet. The forefront of the shoe has a flexible cushion that gives a comfortable feel.

Adidas is sustainable driven, and because of this, Supernova is made from high-performance recycled material, Primegreen.

What Types of Shoes Are Best for The Gym?

Shoes go a long way in influencing your experience at the gym, and that is why you have to choose the suitable types of shoes for the gym. Typically, shoes for workouts are different from those used for running. Gym shoes should be selected with care to avoid poor performance and injuries. Using running shoes for workouts could throw one off balance and reduce the amount of force produced because of the shoe’s cushioning.

Shoes designed for the gym are designed to be closer to the ground because they lend support to muscles and joints. They are also crafted to give excellent support during one-sided moves. The heels are designed to provide a reliable platform when lifting heavyweights. Shoes with extra room for toes should be avoided because gym shoes are generally crafted with a wide toe box.

What Kind of Shoes Should I Get for Running?

Running shoes should be snug and fit. However, shoes that don’t leave space for toe splay should be avoided. The toes need room to move around, and if a shoe is too tight, it can cause blisters to form or cause the feet to swell. This is counterproductive.

There are different kinds of shoes for running depending on why and your running distance. There are everyday running shoes, lightweight running shoes, and trail running shoes.

The everyday running shoe is the most versatile option, and it is very durable. It can be worn to run regularly. Lightweight running shoes are not as durable as everyday running shoes, and they are less cushioned. Trail running shoes are best for dirt and rocky terrains as they give a better grip on dirt and rock. The heels of trail running shoes are bulkier than others, and they are generally more durable.