Buyer's Guide for Your Next Leather Powerlifting Belt

Leather powerlifting belts are known for their longevity. Buying a high-quality one is sure to last you for thousands of training sessions. Here we uncover which ones are best, and why.

pioneer cut leather powerlifting belt
Best Overall

  • 0.5" Hole Spacing for BEST Fit
  • Mid-Range Pricing & Affordable
  • IPF-Approved & Very Durable

sbd belt powerlifting leather review
Best Premium

  • Industry-Leading Quality Belt
  • IPF-Approved & 13MM
  • The Choice for World's Lifters

steel sweat strength powerlifting belt review
Best Value

  • Best Value-Performance Ratio
  • 10MM & Single-Prong Belt
  • Easy to Break in & Durable

Considerations for Your Next Leather Powerlifting Belt

Best Overall

Pioneer Cut Belt

The Pioneer Cut Belt is the best combination of performance & pricing.

review of pioneer cut leather powerlifting belt

Why We Like Pioneer Cut Belt

What makes the Pioneer Cut Belt the best belt on the market, in my opinion, is because of this:

The Pioneer Cut (half-inch spacing) allows this single-prong belt more micro-adjustments for exact tightness.

  • Great Pricing
  • IPF-Approved
  • High-Quality product that will LAST.
  • Single-prong makes it easy to adjust.
  • Easy to put it on and take it off.

I’ve been using it for quite a while now and it’s by far my favorite belt. It has a competitive price tag at $109, and it comes from a trusted company with great reviews.

Best Premium

SBD Belt

The SBD Belt is the go-to premium choice for powerlifting not afraid to spend an extra dollar.

sbd powerlifting leather belt

Should You Buy SBD Belt?

The SBD Belt is a premium leather belt which seems to be the most popular brand out there right now. It’s a bad boy. You can just tell.

The most unique feature about the SBD Belt is the adjustable buckle technology. It allows you the use of adjustability of a single-prong, with the ease of use of a lever belt. It is also:

At any powerlifting meet or major competition in the last few years, it’d be hard to miss this belt. SBD has taken over in a major way.

  • IPF-Approved
  • 13-MM Thick & 4-in Wide
  • Patent-Pending Buckle Design for Easy Adjusting
  • Used by Thousands of Competitive Lifters to Smash PR’s
  • Sexiest Looking Belt
  • Increase of Instagram Clout

This belt is a big reason why.

If you’re someone who has the budget to afford this and doesn’t want to fiddle around with a screwdriver to adjust the tightness of a belt — this is the choice for you.

Best Value

Steel Sweat Belt

The Steel Sweat Belt is the best budget choice for those looking for entry-level options.

steel sweat strength powerlifting belt

Why We Recommend Steel Sweat Belt

I don’t know how popular this belt is but I found it on Amazon while shopping for a starter-level belt. I bought it for $50 and ended up using it very rigorously for a year-ish.

Thousands of reps later and a LOT of use: this belt served me faithfully and it’s always what I recommend beginner-level lifters to use.

  • It’s 10-mm and easy to break in
  • $50 for a great budget-level starter belt
  • Durable and built to last
  • One-day shipping for Amazon users (if available in your city)
  • Stainless steel buckle for zero rusting

In all, it’s a great starting belt for many people. The 10-mm will make it not restrictive at all and very easy to break in.

I would definitely recommend it as the go-to option for those still new to training with belts and looking for a budget or starter option.

What You Need to Know About Leather Powerlifting Belts

Leather powerlifting belts are very durable and cost-effective. Invest in a good one and it’ll be with you for thousands and thousands of reps and a few years.

Get a cheap one and you might not even notice that it’s there to begin with — until it snaps in half, that is.

Here's the criteria that we used to judge each belt:

  • Functionality
    • How easy is it to adjust to your liking?
    • How easy is it to get it on and off?
    • How does it “feel” during lifts?
  • Pricing
    • Does the price reflect its performance/functionality?
    • How does it compare with other belts with similar functionality?
    • Shipping costs
  • Quality of Product
  • IPF-Approved

We hope that this guide was useful to you in making your purchase!