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Powerlifting Straps — The Buyer's Guide

Looking for your next pair of lifting straps? Here's our top three choices.
ironmind lasso pulling straps
Best Lasso

IronMind Lasso Straps

379 reviews
Cerberus Figure 8 Straps review
Best Figure 8

CERBERUS Figure 8 Straps

111 reviews
IronMind Sew-Easy Straps
Best Single Loop

IronMind Single-Loop

212 reviews

Best Lasso
IronMind Lasso Straps

My go-to pulling straps for heavy deadlifts.

ironmind lasso pulling straps review

Why We Like IronMind Lasso Straps

IronMind Lasso Straps Features From Retailer:

  • The single best lifting straps you can buy - versatile, effective and super strong
  • The runaway No. 1 choice on the professional strongman circuit for more than a decade—proven at World's Strongest Man year after year
  • Named "Most Durable" by BarBend
  • If you are not using IronMind lifting straps, you're probably not lifting as much as you could be
  • Made in the USA by IronMind, providing Tools of the Trade for Serious Strength Athletes since 1988

The Strong-Enough straps have a history of toughness. Many world-record breaking strongmen choose them as their go-to for major competitions.

Not only are they extremely popular with top strongmen but also with powerlifters who prefer to use these in training.

Since I purchased them about a year ago, I’ve done thousands of reps with these with zero complaints. And I do a lot of volume.

I’ve found that the straps often “work together” with the knurlings on my power bar & really tighten. Once they lock in, they don’t move. If anything, they tighten more when the bar rotates rather than slip.

As of now, I haven’t really noticed any wear & tear, which I’m surprised about because I generally do about 60-70 reps of heavy deadlifts per week.

So — it’s definitely not light use. And with a power bar. The aggressive knurling tends to really dig into the straps & accelerate that wear and tear (not with these ones).

Best Figure 8
CERBERUS Figure 8 Straps

The CERBERUS Figure 8 Straps are made for one thing: MAXING OUT your Deadlift.

Cerberus Figure 8 Straps for powerlifting

Should You Buy CERBERUS Figure 8 Straps

CERBERUS Figure 8 Straps Features From Retailer:

  • Our CERBERUS Only 4 specific sizes ensures you get the perfect fit.
  • Excellent for Max Deadlifts, any Deadlift for Rep Events and Heavy Shrugs
  • Enhance your Lifting Technique by removing your need to grip allowing you to put max effort in the pulling phase of the deadlift
  • Allows you to train your pulling movements to maximum effect equalling improved strength and muscle growth
  • 1 Year Warranty and RATED TO 600KG!

CEBERUS Figure 8 Straps are ideal for heavy deadlifting.

The unique feature that these straps have is that they offer the most security of all pulling straps. By security, we mean that they support your grip the most.

Because they're built for maximal grip support in the deadlift, this means that they're generally not meant to be used for pull-up's, chin-up's, or rows.

If this lack of versatility isn't a deal-breaker for you, and you're looking to hit new PR's — these are the straps for you. I would say these are the go-to choice for strength athletes such as Strongmen or Powerlifters.

Best Single Loop
IronMind Single-Loop

The Single-Loop Straps are the Most Versatile Straps for Gym Activities.

IronMind Single Loop Straps

Why We Recommend IronMind Single-Loop

IronMind Single-Loop Features From Retailer:

  • Easy to use, inspires confidence
  • Secure hold on bar, with quick release if needed
  • Superior strength from American nylon and assembly
  • Equally suited for advanced lifters and beginners
  • An authentic IronMind product

The single-loop straps offer the most versatility of the all the types of wrist straps.

Generally favored by crossfitters and/or bodybuilders; these can be used for deadlifts to rows to pull-up's.

The primary downside to these straps is in their versatility. Because they're not as secured and do not offer as much support as their other counter parts, using these for maximal lifts (i.e. max deadlift) can result in the bar slipping out out of your hands or the straps breaking.

If, however, that's not your primary aim, these would be a great general-use set of wrist straps.

How to Choose Your Next Lifting Straps

Why Should You Straps & What Are the Different Types?

Straps are generally used for volume work with pulling movements.

Doing 30 to 40 reps of block pulls in a single session with hook grip on a power bar is not fun.

And those that use mixed grips for their pulls have reservations about muscular imbalances.

For these reasons, straps are generally used for higher volume training. They’re comfortable and secure. There are also different types of traps, but which type you go with is a matter of personal preference.

The main types of lifting straps are: lasso, single-loop, and figure 8 straps.

Lasso Pulling Straps

Lasso straps are the most common ones you’ll see. They’re easy to use & set-up with. They’re fairly secure and also can be easily released if you fail a pull.

I personally use these and would consider them the most well-rounded, general purpose lifting straps. I don’t do a ton of pull-ups or rowing, so my experience with straps (in general) is limited to heavy deadlifts.

Figure 8 Straps

Figure 8 Straps are, by far, the most secure. They’re the most preferred by people going for maximal lifts.

The main advantage of figure 8 straps is also their main drawback: security.

These straps, because they’re so secure, they’re also more difficult to release. Because of this, if you fail a pull and try to let go of the bar, it will drag you down with it.

I’m sure if you watch a deadlift-fail compilation, you’ll see people stumbling and being pulled by the heavy weights. For some, this feature might cause some injury concerns, for others – it’s a non-issue.

Really, it comes down to the end-user and use case. Meaning: don’t drop the bar if you fail a lift – place it down. Know when you’re about to miss a lift.

Watch someone that’s very studied like Brett Gibbs. Whenever he misses a deadlift, he doesn’t throw it down or lets it go — rather, he knows when to call it & places the bar down.

If you know you’re a little reckless, I wouldn’t go with these.

Other than that, the added security is nice when sometimes you’re going for a maximal lift. You might notice that the bar doesn’t tend to slip a little, making the lift a tiny bit harder. So it might help you lift just a little more.

Single Loop Powerlifting Straps

Last but not least, we have the single-loop straps. These tend to slip the most but have the most variability in terms of which exercises they can be used for.

Since this is a powerlifting post (and blog) — I think I’d make the recommendation here to not go with these.

You’re going to be using them for heavy deadlifts or pulling movements, and these are not the most secure straps. Secure in terms of not slipping or unintentionally causing you to release the bar.

These are generally more useful for crossfit athletes or other such modalities that use more movements than just deadlifts or pulls of the floor.

Although — yes, there are people who use these in this setting.

Closing Statements

To wrap this up, powerlifting straps are generally a very useful tool that will allow you to train your deadlift productively (and free of discomfort).

There are three main considerations: lasso, figure 8, and single-loop straps.

Each comes with its own pro’s and con’s. In general, and for practical use, I’d go with the lasso straps: Strong-Enough by IronMind.

They’re $17 and ship for free if you have Prime. They’ve been used by many to break world records and train heavy deadlifts. I’ve used them for over a year with a LOT of work done on them.

They’re also not very expensive, so if you’re undecided and have the budget: buy lasso and figure 8 straps!

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