How to Choose Between 10-MM or 13-MM Powerlifting Belt

Here's everything you need to know about how thick your belt should be for best performance.

Best 13-MM Lever Belt

Inzer Forever Belt

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How Do I Know if a 13-MM Powerlifting Belt is Right for Me?

If you are looking to get a powerlifting belt, there are currently two options to choose from. It includes the 13mm and the 10mm belts. While both sizes have their peculiarities, some of the important things to note about the 13mm powerlifting belt are that it is more rigid when compared to the 10mm powerlifting belt. Apart from this, the 13mm belt digs into the torso more aggressively than the 10mm belt. This can be a significant advantage as this effect is predicted to help users lift more weight.

Should I Buy A 10-MM Powerlifting Belt?

The 10mm powerlifting belt is the more popular option on the market. This is mainly because the belt suits a wide range of body types and sizes. Apart from this, the belt can also be worn daily and is easier to ‘break in’, giving users the luxury of adjusting tightness as necessary. Based on its popularity, it also comes in different designs based on preferences. It is also relatively more comfortable than the 13mm belts.

Should I Go for a Prong or Lever Powerlifting Belt?

Both lever and prong belts have different pros and cons. However, both belts are popular among powerlifters. The ultimate decision on which to choose is usually based on the user’s personal preferences. Lever belts are easy to wear and take off. They also fit better than prong belts. The significant advantage of prong belts over lever belts is that prong belts allow you to change the size. So if you are looking for a powerlifting belt that will enable you to change the size often, a prong belt is a better choice. This is why a prong belt is recommended for people who experience rapid weight loss and weight gain. Also, due to their tighter fit, lever belts are better suited for lifting heavy loads.

Best 10-MM Prong Belt

Steel Sweat Belt

Affordable & Durable 10-mm Single Prong Belt.

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Should I Get a Suede or Leather Belt?

The suede material is manufactured from the underside of the skin of different animals. Suede belts do not include the tough outer skin and, as such, are less durable and softer than the typical full-grain leather belt. The softness, flexibility, and thinness of the leather make it suitable for the fashion industry.

However, in choosing between suede and leather powerlifting belts, the decision ultimately lies with the user. Choosing between suede and leather belts depends on the personal preferences of the user. Although due to the nature of the material, leather belts are more durable than suede belts. Suede belts are softer and do not move around as much as leather belts.

How Do I Know if My Powerlifting Belt is IPF-Approved?

Based on the premise that some types of belts tend to affect performance significantly, not all belts are approved by the IPF. The belts approved by the IPF are clearly defined based on the nature of material and dimensions.

Some manufacturers clearly state the approval status of the belt in the product description or on the packaging. This is why it is essential to look out for the approval status of a belt before buying, especially if you are looking to use the belt at an IPF or other federation event.