The Best of Adidas Weightlifting Shoes

What's best: Powerlift, AdiPower, or Power Perfect? Let's see here.

Best Overall Adidas Shoes

Adidas Powerlift 4

Overall — the best weightlifting shoes in the market right now.

adidas powerlift 4 review

What Do We Like About The Adidas Powerlift 4?

The Adidas Powerlift 4 are grounded weightlifting shoes that feature high-density midsole wedges to offer increased stability as you lift heavy weights. These shoes additionally feature special lace closures that use hooks and loops within straps, which prevent the laces from getting caught on workout equipment.

The shoes prioritize comfort and use a flexible toe design to keep your feet feeling breathable and to minimize sweatiness or incidents of athlete’s foot.

How Tall Should My Weightlifting Shoes’ Heel Heights Be?

Most weightlifters prefer their weightlifting shoes to have elevated heels. An elevated heel allows a weightlifter to squat deeply enough for maximum gains and performance without causing their torsos to bend. Elevated heels keep a weightlifter's feet at a slight angle to promote a stiff spine shape.

Standard weightlifting shoes for lifters with long legs have heel heights of 0.75”. However, weightlifters with shorter legs may need less heel height, as shorter people can perform deeper squats or lifts without as much support.

In general, your weightlifting shoes’ heel heights should be between 0.5” and 0.75” tall depending on your height and personal preferences.

Is A Plastic Or Rubber Sole Better for Weightlifting?

Plastic soles are never a good idea if you want to purchase high-quality, durable weightlifting shoes. Shoes with plastic soles may be more affordable, but the plastic can wear down over time and can even cause a lifter to slip in the middle of a squat.

Rubber soles are more durable and, more importantly, prevent you from slipping around by increasing grip traction on the bottom of your shoes.

Lifting heavy weights can be dangerous if you don’t commit to a stable position and platform. Rubber soles prevent your feet from slipping or sliding and can increase stability, thereby increasing safety.

It’s a good idea to look for vulcanized rubber or textured rubber if possible. Fortunately, all of the three Adidas powerlifting shoes have rubber soles on the outside, promoting maximum durability and stability.

The Adidas AdiPower 2 weightlifting shoes in particular have a specialized “grippy” rubber outsole to maximize traction.

Best for Squats

Adidas AdiPower 2

Hard-soled, sexy, and a bigger heel.

best adidas shoes for squats

The Breakdown On The Adidas AdiPower 2

The AdiPower 2 weightlifting shoes also offer stability and comfort. But these shoes feature extra inner reinforcements for added lifting support. The midsoles of these issues are made from non-compressive TPU, which helps the shoes keep their shape after a lot of use.

The woven upper material fits snugly over the foot to offer enhanced comfort and flexible/natural toe movement when you complete heavy lifts.

Best for Cross-Training

Adidas PowerPerfect 3

Rubber-heel & suited for cross-training.

adidas power perfect 3

What’s Good About The Adidas PowerPerfect 3?

Adidas’ PowerPerfect 3 shoes bring even more stability to a weightlifter’s regimen through a specialized heel support addition, which adds a higher platform to each squat. The outsole is specially designed with a synthetic and durable material, enhancing traction on slippery ground and ensuring long-term performance.

The shoes also feature air mesh collars to improve breathability. These shoes are overall the best in terms of weightlifting performance and security because of their enhanced traction and specialized heel support, which adds more height to a lifter’s squatting position.