Why The AdiPowers Will Be Your Go-To Choice

The AdiPowers offer an aggressive 0.79 inch heel lift with on a solid, lightweight shoe.

Great Squat Shoes

Adidas AdiPower

An excellent, lightweight, secure weightlifting shoe for great value.

adidas adipower 2 weightlifting shoes

Why Do We Like About The Adipower Weightlifting Shoes?

Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes started the trend of using Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) heels for weightlifting shoes. TPU heels are known to be durable, lightweight, and protected from splits and abrasions.

Adipower weightlifting shoes also feature a single strap design which helps to hold the ankles firmly in place during performance. The leather and mesh upper shoe materials allow for flexibility and breathability during a performance.

Lastly, the chassis of AdiPower weightlifting is made from PU-coated rubber solely designed for weightlifting.

Are AdiPower Shoes Good for Squats?

Yes, the Adipower weightlifting shoes are suitable for squats. Heeled shoes make it easy to execute squats, especially for beginners who tend to lean forward instead of backward while executing the bottom position of a squat.

For a perfect squat, you should sit back in the bottom position, shifting the power from your toes to your heels. AdiPower weightlifting shoes are great for this with their .75 inches heels. Their TPU heels are also light and flexible enough that you can make different movements without leaving a spot.

Do Olympic Lifting Shoes Make a Difference?

Definitely. Weightlifting shoes are designed for support, durability, and rigidity. Squats, deadlifting, snatching, and pretty much every part of a weightlifter's performance require balance and rigidity.

Imagine executing a squat on a mattress. That will be so comical and pointless because the strength you push into your heels will sink into the mattress. Regular shoes will do the same thing as the mattress. However, lifting shoes have been professionally designed to give you the support and rigidity you need to execute these activities.

Should I Squat in Heeled or Flat Shoes?

The question about squatting in heeled or flat shoes has been an ongoing debate for a long time. Most commercially famous weightlifting shoe brands manufacture heeled shoes, but flat shoes are also popular amongst athletes.

If you prefer to feel that safe connection between your feet and the floor during a squat; flat shoes will be more appealing. Athletes that execute wide stances during squats also balance better in flat shoes.

However, beginners that tend to lean more on their toes will balance better with heeled shoes. Also, heeled shoes are better for athletes that struggle with ankle mobility and don't have wide squat stances. Athletes with long legs and high bar squatters also need heeled shoes for squats. Heeled shoes are perfect for adequate squat depth while keeping your torso straight and upright.

What’s the Best Heel Height for Weightlifting Shoes?

Most commercially famous heeled weightlifting shoes have .75 inches heels, just like the Adipower weightlifting shoes. This height is perfect for athletes with different body structures.

When the torso is upright, a .75 heel height will give you maximum depth during squats. However, different strokes for different folks, right? Here are more specific guidelines to help you choose the best heel height for your weightlifting shoes.

  • Athletes with long legs should opt for weightlifting shoes with .75" or something with higher heels.
  • Athletes with shorter legs can also begin training with .75" heeled weightlifting shoes.
  • Athletes with long torsos should also look towards high-heeled weightlifting shoes, especially those with long torsos and long legs.
  • If you have a short torso, you can opt for any heel length.