Review of the Arboleaf Smart Scale

Could the Arboleaf be the best bathroom scale? Let's find out.

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Why Do We Like The Arboleaf Scale?

Arboleaf scale is a body composition smart scale that measures the body's weight, muscle mass, bone mass, water content, visceral fat percentage, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, body type, and metabolic age.

The smart scale features a 1-inch thick tempered glass with four conductive pads and an LCD display. It has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to enable users to connect to the Arboleaf application, which is compatible with Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit.

How Accurate Is the Arboleaf?

To determine the accuracy of a smart scale, there are two things we must consider -- how the readings of the scale compare to the readings on other scales and how consistent the readings are.

An experiment to determine the accuracy and consistency of Arboleaf scales was done. For the first part, the readings on Arboleaf and other smart scales were compared. For the second part, Two Arboleaf readings were taken a few minutes apart. The result of the experiment showed that Arboleaf smart scales are accurate and consistent.

How Does the Arboleaf Scale Work?

Arboleaf scales, like other body composition scales, use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). BIA is a process where minimal electrical current is passed through conductive pads and into a user's feet, and through the body.

The current passes through the tissues in the body but at different paces depending on the composition of the tissue. In some tissues with high conductivity, the current passes more freely than those with fat and bone. The level of resistance that the electric current encounters is used to determine the composition of all the tissues in the body.

How Accurate Are Body-Fat Percentage Calculators?

Body fat percentage calculators are used to calculate the percentage of fat in the body. These scales use minimal, non-invasive electric current to ascertain the composition of different parts of the body.

As stated earlier, the electrical current faces different resistance levels in the body depending on the composition of the area. Parts that have large fat deposits give the highest resistance. The science behind body fat percentage calculators is accurate but not completely foolproof. However, they provide very close estimates that you can monitor to live a better and healthier life.

Weight watchers also need body percentage calculators to ascertain if they are indeed making progress. Some people complain that they have been exercising regularly and eating healthy, but they still weigh the same. The problem might be that they are gaining muscle mass as they are losing body fat. So, a body fat percentage calculator will reveal how much fat they have gained and how much progress they are making overall.

WWhen/How Often Should I Weigh Myself?

The best time to measure your weight is in the morning, before a bath, and before you have the first meal of the day. At this point, your body has been able to digest all you ate the previous night without additional weights from undigested meals or drinks.

Women should also avoid weighing themselves a week before their periods because it is at this point that they are most bloated. It's best to avoid additional weights from clothes.

Experts recommend that you weigh yourself once every week on the same day for the best results. You should also ensure that your scale is on a flat, even surface and it is properly calibrated.