Is The Bowflex BodyTower ALL You Need?

In our opinion, the best value option for a full-body workout tool.

Best Overall

Bowflex BodyTower

Arguably the best overall home exercise tower.

bowflex bodytower review

What’s Unique About Bowflex BodyTower?

Many people prefer home workout routines compared to going to a gym — unfortunately, this means having access to a smaller range of exercises. However, that’s where “power towers” like the Bowflex Bodytower come in.

They allow you to build strength and flexibility without relying on the usual gym equipment — the Bowflex Bodytower utilizes your own bodyweight. You can work out any time you want, but without solely going through the plank, crunch, sit up and push up routine.

What Are The Dimensions of the Bowflex Bodytower?

While the Bowflex Bodytower allows you to easily switch between a wide variety of workouts, its usefulness still depends on its dimensions. After all, it won’t do much good as a home workout machine if it doesn’t fit in your home.

When it comes to weight, the entire Bowflex Bodytower comes up to around 300 pounds; make sure that your floor supports that weight. It’s also 53 by 50 inches, and 77 inches high.

What Exercises Can I Do On The Bowflex Bodytower?

There’s a wide variety of workouts that you can do with the Bowflex Bodytower. It supports supine rows, crunches, vertical knee raises tricep dips, pull-ups, and a host of other exercises. While some people have reported that it’s a bit too short, the effectiveness of the Bowflex Bodytower in terms of height actually depends on your ceiling height.

Still, if you adjust the myriad bars to accommodate your height, you will find that all the supported exercises are perfectly doable. Also, all of the grips are padded, ensuring you won’t slip up.

Is There A Warranty On The Bowflex Bodytower?

One of the things that separate the Bowflex Bodytower from its competition is the exemplar manufacturing quality. This is a sturdy device that is guaranteed to help you perform bodyweight workouts for years — manufactured from commercial-grade steel.

The padding is not likely to wear out over time either, seeing as the hand grips were made from microbial-resistant materials. Even if you sweat everywhere, you won’t have to replace it for a long time.

That being said, the manufacturer provides you with a sizable warranty in case anything goes wrong. The Bowflex Bodytower comes with a one-year warranty for all of the included parts, guaranteeing free replacement; while the overall frame of the device is guaranteed for five years.

Where Can I Buy A Bowflex Bodytower?

You can find the Bodytower and other Bowflex devices at large retailers like Walmart — though buying it directly from the manufacturer’s website is likely to net you a better deal. Also, there’s the option of ordering it through Amazon at a discounted price.

Many people also resort to places like eBay for used Bodytowers that are still in great condition, but cheaper than a brand new one.