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Bowflex Power Pro Review

Everything you need to know about the Power Pro by Bowflex
bowflex power pro review
Best Value Total Gym

Bowflex Power Pro

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Bowflex Power Pro Features From Retailer:

Why We Like the Bowflex Power Pro

Can Bowflex Pro Be Used for Muscle Building and/or Weight Loss?

Yes. It’s a particularly good choice for muscle building as opposed to weight loss, as it’s designed for resistant training sets and exercises like those described above.

However, it can also be used for weight loss simply by burning calories. Resistance training, when followed properly, is excellent for building lean muscle and burning through fat. Keep in mind that the Bowflex Power Pro is only as effective as you use it. It will only result in significant weight loss if you use it frequently and follow its supported exercises correctly.

What Type of People is Bowflex Power Pro Best For?

The Bowflex Power Pro is an ideal home gym machine for those who don’t want to pay for a gym membership or who want a full aerobic and resistance training routine for their fitness goals. It’s not necessarily the best for bodybuilders or powerlifters, as it lacks the equipment and space for deadlifts and similar exercises.

It can also be a good choice for folks looking to get fit on a budget. Because the Bowflex Power Pro is 20 years old, used machines in good condition can sometimes be purchased at affordable prices.

Best Value Total Gym
Bowflex Power Pro

The best value total gym for your garage or home.

bowflex power pro review

What’s Unique About the Bowflex Power Pro?

The Bowflex Power Pro is an old but still effective line of its home gym machines. New Power Pros are difficult or impossible to come by, so you can usually only find these used.

They're unique in that they can be modified or improved by ordering additions to customize the machine's weight resistance options. The Power Pro also uses Bowflex’s patented resistance system leveraging Power Rods, pulleys, and cables to offer a customizable strength and aerobic fitness regimen.

How Can Bowflex Pro Help Your Home Workouts?

The Bowflex Power Pro is a one-stop-shop for a complete aerobic or strength resistance training regimen. Thanks to the customizability of its pulley and cable system, you can perform a variety of workouts including:

  • Incline bench presses
  • Rows and lateral shoulder raises
  • Pulldowns, low back extensions, and more
  • French presses, tricep kickbacks, and more
  • Leg curls and leg presses
  • Trunk rotations, reverse abdominal crunches, and more

In short, it helps with your workout by offering almost everything you need to complete a full-body aerobic or strength resistance training workout in a single machine. Go on a run or use a treadmill and you’ll complete a full workout without having to pay for a gym membership.

How Much Weight Can I Set on a Bowflex Power Pro?

The Bowflex Power Pro offers 210 pounds of resistance out-of-the-box. It includes twin 5-pound rods, another four 10-pounds rods, twin 30-pound rods, and two 50-pound rods.

However, you can add additional weight to your Bowflex Power Pro set by purchasing extra rod sets. The rods come in 50-pounds only. In total, you can add weights up to 410 pounds of resistance without compromising the safety or durability of the machine.

While you can technically set more weight on your Power Pro machine, this is not recommended.

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