Review of the Bowflex Revolution

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Bowflex Revolution

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bowflex revolution review

What’s Unique About Bowflex Revolution Review?

The Bowflex Revolution is top of the Bowflex home gym offer; it utilizes the company’s “SpiraFlex” technology while providing a total body workout. This patented tech was originally designed for astronauts working on the International Space Station.

A complex system of lightweight interlocking plates ensures that users have a fluid workout experience while also reaching a max weight of 300lbs over the course of more than 100 exercises. The Revolution model is both intense and lightweight — a unique proposition among home workout machines.

Is the Bowflex Revolution Discontinued?

In the world of home workout machines, models get discontinued and replaced with newer ones all the time. In the case of the Bowflex Revolution, something similar has happened. The company used to sell three different variations of the model — the regular Revolution, the FT, and the XP.

In the meantime, only the regular one turned out to be a surefire success, so the other two variations have been discontinued. However, you can still buy previously manufactured FTs and XPs through third-party vendors — though Bowflex isn’t selling them anymore.

Does The Bowflex Revolution Have A Warranty And/Or Guarantee?

Most home workout machines come with some sort of manufacturer warranty. In the case of the Revolution, Bowflex offers a significant 10-year guarantee — both for the SpiraFlex weight packs and the machine itself. However, bear in mind that this warranty won’t serve you in every case of malfunctions.

It depends on the cause of the breakdown — the warranty only applies to malfunctions that have been caused by defects in workmanship and the shipped materials. So, if you’ve just experienced regular wear and tear, the warranty won’t apply.

Is The Bowflex Revolution A Cardio or Muscle Building Machine?

While the large variety of exercises is one of the key selling points of this machine, it’s worth taking a better look at what the Bowflex Revolution offers in more detail. Does it work as cardio or as a strength-building machine?

The Bowflex Revolution officially supports:

  • One aerobic exercise
  • 18 Leg Exercises
  • 18 Arm Exercises
  • 12 Back exercises
  • 22 Shoulder and Trap Exercises
  • 16 Chest Exercises

As you can see, out of the almost 100 different workouts — only one is an aerobic cardio workout. So, the Bowflex Revolution is very much a muscle-building machine.

What Body Parts Can I Work On With The Bowflex Revolution?

The Bowflex Revolution was designed to be your go-to home workout device — meaning it theoretically supports all body parts. You can work out all of the major muscle groups: your chest, shoulders, trap, back, arms, and legs.

And at almost $3,000, it’s a pricey but effective machine. The SpiraFlex resistance plates definitely make lowering or raising your operative weights easy enough, giving you the effectiveness of stacked weights without all of the hassle.