Review of the Bowflex TC5000 TreadClimber

Get up 12 resistance levels & 4-miles per hour with this treadmill.


TC5000 Treadclimber

An upgrade treadmill, compact & with varying resistance levels.

review of the bowflex tc5000 treadclimber treadmill

What’s Good About The TreadClimber TC5000?

The TreadClimber TC5000 is an exercise machine from Bowflex, though it is no longer being manufactured. Although it can be difficult to find a brand-new version of this machine, used versions are still on the market, which can make it relatively affordable for those looking for a solid cardiovascular exercise machine for their home workouts.

The TreadClimber TC5000 features wheels for easy transport and isn’t as large as a traditional treadmill, measuring about 46” x 30” for its bottom dimensions.

How Are a TreadClimber and TreadMill Different?

TreadClimbers and treadmills are similar but also serve different workout objectives.

In a nutshell, a treadmill is a cardiovascular exercise machine featuring a flat belt that is powered with a motor so it constantly rotates forward. This provides a stable platform on which to walk or run without actually changing your position in your home gym.

A TreadClimber is a different piece of equipment that uses two plates for each foot. The plates can rotate both forward and up and down, simulating both a walking motion and an incline angle. They combine many of the features and advantages of treadmills and stair climber machines at the same time.

However, TreadClimbers can’t be used to run the same way treadmills can.

How Much Weight Can a TreadClimber TC5000 Hold?

The TreadClimber TC5000 is only rated for a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. While it may be possible to use the TreadClimber TC5000 if you weigh more than this, you run the risk of overworking the motor and damaging the exercise machine.

How Fast Can a TreadClimber TC5000 Go?

The TreadClimber TC5000 is not designed for running in the same way that a traditional treadmill is. As a result, its maximum speed is only 4 mph, and it features a minimum speed of 0.7 mph. The TreadClimber TC5000, fortunately, includes speed controls so you can adjust your speed at increments of just 0.1 mph to go slightly faster or slower.

How Many Calories Can I Burn with A TreadClimber TC5000?

Many factors affect how many calories you’ll burn when using a TreadClimber TC5000, including your base metabolic rate, your current body weight, and how fast you are running the machine (as well as whether you are using any resistance settings or incline settings).

Fortunately, the TreadClimber TC5000 includes a “calories burned” visual indicator on the main screen so you can watch your calories burn away as you exercise.

In general, you can expect to lose about 300 cal for exercising for 30 minutes on the TreadClimber TC5000 at the highest, level 12 intensity setting. Heavier people will burn more calories than lighter people since their bodies have to work harder to move to the same degree.

But keep in mind that this is only an estimate. You should expect a burn a few hundred calories for a 30-minute workout at any intensity level, but the harder you push yourself and the more resistance you add to your workout routine, the more calories you will burn.