Keep Fit for All W/ The Cubii Jr

A great tool for everyone to stay at fit at home or at work!

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Cubii Jr

A great tool for everyone to stay at fit at home or at work!

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What’s Unique about the Cubii Jr?

Cubii Jr is an under-desk elliptical machine designed for low-impact exercise. It weighs 25 pounds and stands at a low height of 10 inches. The elliptical machine comes with a two feet pedal that will help you work your calf, thigh, hip flexor, glute, and ab muscles while you are seated behind your desk or on a couch.

The Cubii Jr also comes with a digital display meter that shows real-time data as you exercise.

What’s the Best Use for Cubii Jr?

The Cubii Jr is a low-impact exercise machine. It is best for people who work behind a desk for long hours and fail to get enough exercise. The Cubii Jr is not for high-impact exercise that will help you build shoulder, chest, or arm muscles.

It only works on muscles from the glutes down. It is also a great alternative for people with bad knees who can not perform high-impact exercises to stay fit.

Can I Use the Cubii Jr if I Have Bad Knees?

Yes, bad knees from arthritis or tendonitis will not stop you from using Cubii Jr. It is a low-impact machine that can help you get the needed exercise without having to worsen your knee pain. The machine also has six resistance levels.

So, you can choose the level that you are most comfortable with at first. As you progress, you can increase the resistance level to get more out of the Cubii Jr.

Can You Lose Weight With the Cubii Jr?

Yes, you can lose weight while going about your day-to-day activities with the help of Cubii Jr. It is designed to blend perfectly with your day-to-day activities. The manufacturers stated that it is noiseless so you can pedal away while attending to a client or working on a document. This might not be very easy at first but as you become more familiar with it, you will be able to pedal away without being distracted from your daily activities.

The Cubii Jr digital display will also help you keep track of your progress. You will be able to observe your progress and the number of calories you have burned with each session. According to Cubii, you can burn up to 150 calories after a 60-minute session on Cubii Jr. However, you will only get noticeable results when you combine exercise with the proper diet.

What’s the Difference Between Cubii Jr & Cubii Pro?

There are two major differences between Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro. Cubii Pro is an upgraded version. It has Bluetooth connectivity that will enable you to connect your machine to your mobile devices. You can also connect it to any fitness tracking application. The Bluetooth connectivity available in the Cubii Pro takes the place of the digital display on the Cubii Jr.

The other difference between the two is the price. There is a hundred-dollar price difference between Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro. Cubii Pro goes for $349.00 while Cubii Jr is sold for $249.00. The two products have the same height, weight, and width and perform the same functions.