Complete Review of the Inzer Powerlifting Belts

The Inzer Forever Belt is a longtime favorite of many powerlifters. Let's dive into why.

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Inzer Forever Belt

The best value powerlifting belt in the market at this very moment.

inzer forever belt

Should You Buy a 10mm or 13mm Belt?

When choosing belts for powerlifters, the popular dimension specifications are the 10mm and the 13mm belts. The 10mm belt is popular among lifters because it is versatile and fits several body sizes and ability levels. The 10mm belt is easier to ‘break-in’ relative to 13mm belts. More serious powerlifters might prefer the 13mm belt as it’s thicker. The 13mm belt offers improved support for heavy loads and is better suited for squats.

However, there have been reports that the 13mm belt is more uncomfortable and does not offer as many benefits as the 10mm belt. Here is why the 10mm belts are recommended for beginners that use them for various exercises. Apart from this, the lower cost of the belt also makes it the choice of several users.

How Long Does It Take to Break in the Inzer Belt?

There are several approaches to breaking in the Inzer belt. However, you can achieve this by wearing the belt for all your sessions and movements until it breaks in. Body heat, sweat, and movement help break the belt in. For double-prong belts, it is recommended to use one prong till the belts are more flexible. The effect of not having one prong in is that the belt won’t tuck well. However, it would be easier to wear and take off the belt; all you have to do is change the prong used every time you adjust the belt. The belt should also be rolled up tight in each direction. You can do this in your spare time or even between sets while working out.

While several users often recommend allowing belts to break in naturally with time in the course of their gym use, these strategies help to reduce the time you’d have to wait for in the breaking in.

What Makes the Inzer Belt Different from SBD?

Based on reviews, the Inzer belt provides better value compared to the SBD belt. The Inzer belt is also more affordable compared to the SBD belt. Inzer belts also provide appreciable support with reduced “breaking in” time. Most users prefer the 10mm version as it is more versatile relative to the 13mm, which is better suited for bigger individuals and powerlifters. The major con of the Inzer Belt is that one cannot adjust the lever without a screwdriver.

The Inzer Forever Belt is an exceptional 13mm thick belt for lifting applications where a thicker belt is not necessary. The Inzer Forever Belt is made of top-notch reinforced leather and is finished with fine suede. The strap is easy to tighten and loosen. All that is needed is the flick of a lever. Users can adjust the belt with a buckle that can go three inches tighter. Over time, the belt conforms to your body shape and is more firm.