How to Choose Between Lever vs. Prong Belts

Lever belts offer great support, and a mental boost after the "click". Prong belts offer easier adjustability, but may be annoying to set-up. Which one should you get?

Best Lever Belt

Inzer Forever Belt

The best per-dollar leather lever powerlifting belt.

inzer forever lever belt review

Why Do We Like the Inzer Forever Belt?

The Inzer Forever Belt is a 10mm thick belt made from genuine leather, and it comes with a lever, suede finish, and buckle closure. These features make this training equipment very durable. The belt is easy to tighten and can be locked in place by simply pushing the patented lever.

Besides, the 10mm Forever Belt can be easily released with a simple flick of the lever. With time, the Inzer Belt starts to conform to your body and becomes firm. A major pro of the Inzer Belt is the advanced lever technology that can make it go three inches tighter than regular buckle belts.

Does Having a Tighter Belt Improve My Gym Performance?

Most people have several misconceptions about the functions of a belt. One of the most popular misconceptions is the belief that a belt is to support your back. However, this is not entirely correct. A belt helps to improve intra-abdominal pressure, which then serves as a brace to support and strengthen the spine. So a firm belt does offer some advantage to performance, especially for routines involving the upper body. The pressure is greater with a tighter belt and therefore those provide an advantage.

Are Lever Belts Easier to Use than Prong Belts?

Both lever and prong belts have their pros and cons. Both belts are used across the different levels of powerlifting. In most instances, choosing between both types of belts is based on personal preferences. However, more users tend to select lever belts because they are easy to get on and off. Apart from this, lever belts also fit better.

Although, if you would rather choose a belt that allows you to change the size frequently, then a prong belt is a better option. This is also why prong belts are also suitable for users that experience rapid weight gain and weight loss, while the level belt is better suited for powerlifters looking for a tighter fit under heavy loads.

Best Prong Belt

Pioneer Cut Belt

An innovative take on the classic single-prong belt.

pioneer cut powerlifting belt

What’s Good about the Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt?

The Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt is 13mm thick. The belt is 10 cm wide and is currently one of the most affordable options on the market. Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belts come with black dyed leather, which is more durable than the leather used in the original Pioneer Cut belt.

The belt comes with nickel-plated one-piece rivets and a lifetime guarantee. As part of the belt design, the belt also comes with a black buckle, black stitching, black edging with the Pioneer logo embossed on the belt.

Should I Go for a Suede or Leather Powerlifting Belt?

Generally, belts are made from Suede, Leather, or Velcro. Leather belts are often more durable and stiff. Suede belts are softer and do not move around as much as leather belts. In Olympic lifting, the allowed material is the Velcro-style belt.

Therefore, just like in choosing between lever and prong belts, whether to buy a leather or suede powerlifting belt also largely depends on the user’s personal preferences.