Peloton vs. Zwift: The Biking Showdown

Peloton is a class held by world class instructors. Zwift is a program where you compete vs. other athletes.

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What’s Unique About The Peloton?

This indoor cycling application features instructions from real-life professional instructors along with a series of off-the-bike training sessions. Apart from cycling workouts, you can take classes on Yoga, meditation, strength training, stretching, running, and others.

The Peloton application also features background music and real-life classes to better simulate the experience of cycling on the road. Peloton also features recovery classes for cyclists to avoid injuries from cycling for very long periods.

Is Peloton Worth the Money?

Yes, with Peloton, you get real-life professional instructors and more concentration on health and fitness. For people who are less interested in the gamified experience and are more interested in getting fit, Peloton is the way to go. Here are some fantastic features you will get for a $14.99 monthly subscription on Peloton.

  • Real-time Instructions from professional health and fitness instructors: the Peloton fitness instructors will be available to give you the Peloton experience during your indoor cycling routines. They will take you through the intricacies of each exercise and help you attain your goals faster.
  • Extra Activities: Peloton offers more than just an indoor cycling experience. Users can join classes on stretching, meditation, high-intensity interval training, running, and yoga for a more wholesome fitness experience.
  • Recovery Classes: The Peloton recovery classes present users the opportunity to have some off-the-bike time to reduce cycling stress.

What’s Unique About The Zwift?

Zwift features riders' avatars speeding down the virtual world of Watopia. Users earn badges and increase their game levels. Swift also features 24/7 group races and live events to keep users motivated at all times.

Zwift also has workout programs and training plans as well as an interactive feature. Through the Zwift companion app, users can send and receive messages, connect with other users and join group events. Users can also customize their avatars.

Is Zwift Harder than Peloton?

Powerblocks are adjustable dumbbells that feature varying sizes of weights in one compact body. They come in pairs of rectangle-shaped dumbbells with weights ranging from 5 to 50 pounds. Some Powerblocks Pro series are expandable up to 175 pounds and have 16 weight settings. The rectangle metal weights look rugged and durable.

Both indoor cycling apps have their modes of difficulty, though Peloton workouts generally seem less intense than Zwift routines. Peloton uses a more real-life display and situation which lean more towards fitness than the gamified features of Zwift.

The Peloton routines are certainly more focused and often more result-oriented. However, the gamified experience on Zwift makes it more glamorous and appealing to users regardless of the challenging levels.

What Equipment Do I Need for Zwift?

The Zwift experience is an all-encompassing one that requires a little equipment. The equipment will enable you to connect to your Zwift avatar on the screen and send information about your routine to Zwift. You may need one or more of the following pieces of equipment to use the Zwift indoor cycling app.

  • A bike: A bike or smart bike is a critical component of your indoor cycling experience. You will pedal away on your bike while observing the virtual reality of Watopia on your screen.
  • Bike trainers or rollers: you can get a regular set of rollers or trainers if you use a power meter or a cadence sensor. You can also opt for a smart trainer.
  • Bluetooth or ANT tool: you have three options here. You can decide to use a power meter, a smart trainer, or a speed cadence sensor.
  • A PC or mobile device: