Polar Beat vs. Polar Flow: All in One Place

Everything you need to know about these trendy gadgets

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Polar Sensor

A waterproof fitness tracking sensor for heart rate & more.

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What’s Unique About Polar Flow?

While the market for fitness gadgets and trackers is more saturated than ever, the Polar company’s offers are unique because they’re a reputable manufacturer of heart rate monitors; meaning that their products have some of the most accurate sensors out there.

Their Polar Flow app is a software companion to the Polar Beat and other monitors from the same brand, providing users with an easy-to-use web service that tracks their workouts, sleep patterns, and daily activity.

What Does Polar Beat Do?

The Polar Beat is a fitness monitoring device that tracks a variety of bodily metrics during your training sessions. It uses GPS to precisely determine your route, distance, and pace in real-time. And it monitors your running speed based on your stride.

You can use it to log every training session in detail (both indoors and outdoors) and make a precise training diary.

How Can Polar Beat & Polar Flow Improve Your Running?

Polar Beat is the sensor that Polar Flow uses for data collection. And the Flow platform is basically a “collection point” for data from any Polar-made hardware, including the Beat monitor. Once you buy the Beat monitor and set up a Flow account, you’ll get access to a web platform and a smartphone app with the same features.

You use your monitor and the wireless apps that it’s connected to for all training, workouts, physical activity, etc. And that’s where you’ll see your history, and where you can set up settings for activity tracking, favorites, training plans, sport profiles, and other features.

Also, Flow allows you to share any data captured through Beat with your friends and family — it’s integrated with all the major social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and it also supports SMS and email.

How Accurate is the Polar Beat Tracking Data?

The Polar Beat monitor features three electrodes on its chest strap, greatly improving the data tracking accuracy compared to the competition and previous models. All of the information collected by the heart rate monitor is stored in the built-in memory for an additional hour after training sessions, allowing you to put them on an external drive as well.

Studies show that the monitors manufactured by Polar are the most accurate on the market, with second place going to Apple Watch; making Polar a great choice for endurance athletes.

How Does Polar Beat Work?

Once you connect Polar Beat and Polar Flow, you’ll be able to better understand, analyze, and see all the data collected by your fitness monitor. Beat and Flow are a powerful combo that allows you to socialize with other athletes, reminisce about your best training sessions in detail, and intricately track your progress.

Plenty of professional athletes use such devices to gauge their fitness levels in real-time.