Review of the PowerBlock Sports

Perhaps the best, and most affordable adjustable dumbbells.

Best Value

PowerBlock Sport

Perhaps the most popular adjustable dumbbells set.

review of the powerblock sport adjustable dumbbells

What’s Unique About PowerBlock Sport?

The PowerBlock Sport is an innovative dumbbell system with units sold in pairs. With modular, stacking weight systems, the PowerBlock Sport serves as an effective replacement for 16 separate pairs of dumbbells. Naturally, this is very useful for those who have home gyms and who don’t want to store a full set of dumbbells in their garages or closets.

There are several models of the PowerBlock Sport dumbbells available. Certain extendable models can benefit from additional weight stacking. The PowerBlock Sport dumbbells allow you to complete a full arm workout without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a distinct set of dumbbell pairs at different weight increments.

Up to How Much Weight Can a PowerBlock Sport Have?

The heaviest PowerBlock Sport dumbbells have weight increments of up to 50 pounds per hand. Weight increments progress linearly from 2.5 pounds to 5 pounds to 7.5 pounds and so on all the way up to 50 pounds per hand for a total of 100 pounds of weight combined.

Are PowerBlock Sports Expandable?

Only certain models are expandable. Expandable PowerBlock Sport dumbbell models start off at 50 pounds per dumbbell and 2 additional kits can be purchased. Each kit adds 20 pounds per dumbbell, increasing to up to 70 pounds or 90 pounds depending on your preferences.

These expandable features allow the PowerBlock Sport dumbbell sets to grow with exercisers as they become stronger. If you’re interested in this feature, be sure not to purchase the PowerBlock Sport non-expandable set, as it lacks the attachment point to take additional weight plates.

How Can PowerBlock Weights be Adjusted?

Each set of PowerBlock Sport weights can be attached to the main dumbbells via interlocking side rails. The side rails get longer as new weight plates are added to either end of the dumbbell. The dumbbells’ handles remain in the same place and are bolstered with durable rubber to ensure long-term performance.

Exercisers can add or remove weight plates as they desire depending on their workout and their personal level of fitness. The weight plates also feature auto-locking functions that allow exercises to make micro-adjustments.

All in all, the PowerBlock Sport weights are fantastic for home gym enthusiasts that want a set of dumbbells that can grow progressively with them and that will allow them to save space without compromising their gains over time.

Can PowerBlock Sports Be Dropped Without Breaking?

Sometimes. It depends on how far you drop them from and how heavy they are when they impact the floor.

Because of their design, the interlocking weights and connecting rails are a little fragile when they are dropped, particularly if the dumbbells have a lot of weight on them when they hit the floor. It’s recommended to be careful when setting the weights down to prevent any malfunctions and to avoid breaking the weight plates or the dumbbell handles.

These weights are not as solid as traditional dumbbells, but they will save you a lot of space if you want to ensure you have everything you need for a full home gym without skipping any crucial workouts.