Review of the ProForm 235 CSX Bike

An excellent recumbent bike for seniors & those looking for cool

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ProForm 235 CSX

Senior? Injured? Looking to get back into the gym? Here's the perfect tool for you.

ProForm 235 CSX Review

What’s Cool About The Proform 235 CSX?

The Proform 235 CSX is a recumbent bike that has a sleek but sturdy construction. It has a step-through design and an inertia-enhanced flywheel. The bike is built to give users a steady motion and consistent tempo. It uses a magnetic resistance system that keeps the brake pad and flywheel apart while ensuring that you have a noiseless workout experience.

The recumbent bike is fitted with rear and front base bars. The rear base bar doubles as an adjustable leveler as an extra safety precaution. The Proform 235 CSX front-rear base is fitted with tires to aid movement and storage.

Who is the Proform 235 CSX Best For?

The Proform 235 CSX recumbent bike is perfect for low-impact cardio exercises. It cannot be used for high-intensity workout routines. People with old sports injuries that can make high-impact workouts unsafe can use Proform 235 CSX to stay fit without causing harm to themselves.

Proform 235 CSX is also suitable for older people who have weak joints or conditions such as arthritis that will make high-impact routines too dangerous. You could also use the Proform 235 CSX when recovering from high-impact exercises.

What Are the Weight & Safety Specifications of ProForm 235 CSX?

The ProForm 235 CSX weighs 100 pounds when assembled. Its maximum weight capacity for users is 275 pounds. It is heavy enough to stay firmly on the ground while you pedal. The recumbent bike also comes with other safety features. It has 18 resistance levels, so users can determine the amount of resistance they will use while on the machine. It also has safety straps for the feet. Each of the straps has a non-slip surface for a solid grip.

What Kinds of Workouts Can I Do On The Proform 235 CSX?

The Proform 235 CSX is a recumbent bike suitable for moderate and low impact exercises. It has eighteen preinstalled workout routines. The manufacturers divided the routines into two categories.

Watts workouts on the Proform 235 CSX focus on resistance and watts. On the other hand, calorie workouts concentrate on resistance and speed. You can select any preset routines, and the recumbent bike will automatically adjust to the appropriate resistance setting for your selection.

Most users do not feel anything while pedaling at resistance levels one and two. At resistance levels 15-18, you will undoubtedly feel your muscles burn as you pedal in the Proform 235 CSX. If you have an injury, it is best to start small. As you progress, you will be able to determine the resistance level that is best for you.

What Are The Key Features of the ProForm 235 CSX?

The Proform 235 CSX has a combination of steel and plastic finishing. The steel parts have black and gray corrosion-resistant paint. The bike measures 24 inches in width, 44 inches in height, and it is 56 inches long. Its vinyl-covered backrest and seat have 2 inches of padding for extra comfort. The seat and backrest section is adjustable.

You can lower the seat or move it forward or backward across the rail. The recumbent bike also features two sets of rubber-covered handlebars. You can use the ones attached to the seat or the ones attached to the console mast. The latter handlebars have pulse sensors.