Review of the ProForm 305 CST

An ideal budget-friendly treadmill for your home.

Best Budget

ProForm 305 CST

Your go-to budget option for folding treadmills at home.

proform 305 cst review

What’s Cool About the Proform 305 CST?

The Proform 305 CST is a home treadmill machine that weighs 142 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Like all treadmills, it allows you to enjoy an intense cardiovascular workout at home in any weather.

But it’s unique in part because of its iFit coach membership compatibility. This membership (sold separately) offers intense workouts you can follow in place of in-gym coaching. The iFit training program can be accessed from the treadmill, or from other devices like computers or tablets.

It’s also unique due to its 16 onboard workouts and its adjustable cushioning, which can be beneficial for folks who have bad arches or foot problems. Lastly, it features a useful, space-saving design – it can be folded in half to save room if used in a small or cramped apartment.

Is It Easy to Assemble a Proform 305 CST?

Yes, although it will take at least an hour to fully assemble. Out of the box, most major components are included in separate bags. The Proform 305 CST comes with a detailed instruction manual and the Allen wrench you’ll need to screw different parts in the place.

The instructions use detailed images to direct you to place the right screws in the right areas. There aren’t many small or complex pieces to worry about during assembly. Turning the treadmill on and plugging it in takes only a few minutes, and software bootup times are similarly fast.

How Many Miles Will My Proform 305 CST Last?

A Proform 305 CST, like all home treadmills, will last for more miles if you take reasonable care of it. Most home treadmills last for between 7 and 10 years on average. You can increase this lifespan by dusting the treadmill between its belt and deck, as well as keeping the area around the treadmill clean and free of dust.

If you run three miles three times a week and take good care of your Proform 305 CST, it should last for well over 4500 miles at minimum.

How Are Proform & NordicTrack Different?

Both Proform and NordicTrack are manufactured by the same overall health company called ICON Health and Fitness. In general, Proform treadmills are geared more toward casual runners or those who have tighter budgets and can’t afford more high-end running equipment.

NordicTrack home treadmills are more expensive and are manufactured for more high-intensity activity or frequent running. Both home treadmill brands can be effective and valuable if cared for regularly.

What Should I Look for in a Treadmill for Home Use?

When choosing a treadmill for home use, consider these factors:

  • Space. Some home treadmills can be folded up if space is at a premium in your home
  • Cost. Some more expensive treadmills are only appropriate if you run many miles each day and will wear down the treadmill belt more quickly
  • Built-in workouts. Some people run better if they have a workout or path to follow on the treadmill screen
  • Adjustable controls. Some of the best treadmills will let you adjust things like the incline angle to customize your running routine and keep things fresh