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FULL Review Of ROGUE’s Stainless Steel Power Bar

The best power bar out of the Ohio line from ROGUE. The most weather-resistant & premium-quality.
stainless steel ohio power bar
Best Ohio Power Bar

Stainless Steel

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Why We Like the Stainless Steel

  • 29 MM & Zero Whip
  • Stainless Steel: Weather Resistant
  • ROGUE: Reliability & Customer Service Excellent
  • Quality: This is one of the highest quality bars in the market.
  • Precision: Weighs as stated on the barbell.

Until recently, I had spent my entire life in commercial gyms. One was a college gym. Another was an independently owned family-business type gym. Another was a chain gym. And another one was an also-independently owned gym.

Each one of these gyms had varying levels of equipment quality, but most abundantly clear was the fact that none of these gyms had power bars.

The bars I used throughout my pre-home gym training career were very low in quality. The knurling was barely noticeable. I don’t recall ever having calluses or anything that would indicate I was an active strength athlete.

They were bent, oxidized, and most likely didn’t even weigh 20 kilos.

Because the bar is going to be the primary tool that your training centers on: having a high-quality barbell is going to be one of the more important investments you make in your home gym.

There are several reasons for why I ultimately chose the STAINLESS Steel Rogue Ohio Power Bar, but here are the most important:

  • Stainless steel is the most resistant to weather/oxidation
  • I really wanted a 29mm power bar w/ zero whip
  • ROGUE is one of the highest quality equipment manufacturers out there w/ EXCELLENT customer service.

ROGUE Ohio Power Bar Features & Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

First of all, being in South Florida, we are subject to high levels of humidity year round. Because of that, I needed a bar that was resistant to this kind of weather.

Stainless steel being the most resistant, seemed like the ideal choice for me. That’s why I bought this version, in specific.

It’s been about three months since I’ve had it and I’ve performed a few thousands reps with this bar, and I’ve yet to see any major differences from the day it arrived.

I bought a barbell cleaning kit expecting that I’d be having to clean it very often: nope.

Maybe once a month or so depending on how much chalk I use. I tend to use the most chalk when I’m doing singles or low-intensity rep sets for peaking.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of volume work that I use straps for. So, there’s not as much build-up. The bar still looks brand new.

And that’s through Miami’s summer. It rains a lot. And it’s heavy rain, too. So the humidity has been near-100% almost every day since I had the bar.

29MM Diameter

Although this feature isn’t unique to this bar, this is the reason why I went with the Ohio Power Bar.

I wanted to go with the stiffer 29mm bar over the 28.5mm. Simply because I didn’t want the whippiness of the 28.5mm bar to hide any miscues in technique behind the guise of “momentum”.

I would much rather make training more difficult, forcing me to perfect my form to lift maximal weights than rely on equipment to do so.

Because come competition time: if they are using a 28.5mm bar, then I might be able to lift more than I do in training.

That’s really all there is to why I purchased the 29mm bar.


And why I purchased from Rogue, specifically: they’re a great company. They make great equipment, and they have excellent customer service.

If you buy enough things from any one company, they’re bound to make a mistake. Some way, somehow. Everyone makes mistakes.

Judge a company not by the mistakes they make, but how quickly they’re able to accommodate you when they do happen.

Because they will happen.

When I ordered my rack, there had been one of the horizontal uprights that was taking too long, when I emailed support, they were quick to answer and I quickly received the missing piece.

This is relevant because I ordered it during the COVID home-gym build craze. So they were absolutely swamped. Nevertheless, they dealt with it quickly & I was completely satisfied.

Closing Statements

Overall, should you buy the stainless steel ohio power bar from Rogue? Most likely: yes.

If you want a durable and high-quality bar that will stand the test of time, this is going to be your go-to choice.

It’s more expensive than the other offerings by Rogue, but it’s something that can last well into the future.

If price is a consideration for you, I would much rather have you save money by salvaging cast iron plates than going cheap on a bar.

If your gym (or wherever you’ll be lifting) is climate controlled, perhaps going with some of the other coated bars might work as well.

Best Ohio Power Bar
Stainless Steel

Get your hands on one of the best powerlifting barbells in the market from the top fitness brand.

stainless steel ohio power bar

How Are the Bare Steel And Stainless Steel Power Bars Different?

The Stainless Steel power bar is significantly more weather-resistant than the bare steel one. It also (in my opinion) has more aggressive knurling. I've had the stainless steel bar in a small garage in South Florida and it hasn't shown any signs of rust, yet. The iron plates, on the other hand, have rusted to a much greater degree.

What Does Aggressive Knurling Mean?

Aggressive knurling means that the design and depth of the knurling on the bar is a lot more pronounced than the smoother weightlifting bars. This added degree of aggressiveness means that there will be more security in your grip, and in turn, you can lift heavier weights than you otherwise would on a general weightlifting bar.

How Thick Should My Powerlifting Barbell Be?

Most powerlifting bars used in competition are 205K PSI and 29-mm in radius. These are generally the most stiff bars and will provide less momentum when lifting. Traditionally, 28.5-mm power bars were used in North American competition, but since the expansion of the IPF Worlds, more and more federations are turning to 29-mm.

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