My FULL Review of The Steel Sweat Belt

The Steel Sweat Belt was the first ever powerlifting belt I used. It's lasted me for thousands of reps & I use it to this day.

Best Value Single-Prong Belt

Steel Sweat Belt

The Steel Sweat Belt is a 10MM & 4-in. Value Single-Prong Belt

steel sweat belt review

How Much is the Steel Sweat Belt?

Sells for $42 – $50

This is a perfect starting point for a high-quality belt for novice trainees.

The fact that it’s much lower than the $100 belts might raise questions as to its durability (or quality) — there are none.

How Was Your Experience With The Steel Sweat Belt?

This belt is built using premium full-grain & high-quality real leather that allows for a comfortable & supported lifting experience. I love (and always use) single-prong belts. They are, and will always be, my go-to.

This belt uses aniline leather that creates a soft and smooth feel. If there’s one thing that I keep repeating it’s that I barely even noticed the belt. This Steel Sweat belt uses a stainless steel single-prong roller buckle that will not rust. I live in South Florida, and I do all of my training in a tiny four-wall garage. It’s very hot and humid year round.

Is the Steel Sweat Belt Approved for Powerlifting Competition?

At 4 inches of width and 10mm of thickness – it’s perfectly within the boundaries of powerlifting regulation.

Some people prefer using the slimmer 10 millimeter belts for deadlifts as the thicker 13 millimeter belts can sometimes dig into your rib-cage when bent over.

Many competitors tend to switch between a 13-mm belt for squats & a 10-mm belt for deadlifts.

The Steel Sweat Belt was the first ever powerlifting belt I used.

For full disclosure, the reason I bought it was because I didn’t know what training with a belt would be like & it was cheap.


I figured it would be a non-committal starting point, I thought I’d use it for a few months and that’d be it.

I ended up using it for over a year. After thousands of reps and a lot of use, I am happy to report that this belt has stood the test of time.

And for half the price of other premium leather belts.

This is the belt I’d recommend for anyone just entering strength training.

At 4 inches of width & 10 mm thick – it’s perfect for almost anyone (at length of torso) looking for an introduction to lifting with belts.

13mm thick leather belts can take time to break in & may result in some discomfort in the meantime.

So, not only is the price point a good introduction point (to see if it’s really for you) – but it’s also a good introduction as a belt, in general.

When I first started using a belt, I didn’t really know what to expect. It would be difficult for me to compare this belt from that standpoint.

The first thing I noticed was how tight it was. As all leather belts are. However, when I unracked the bar for the first time – it was a completely different feeling.

I remember 355 lbs (Squat) had been my max at the time. As soon as I put the belt on, I could do 365. The bar just felt…lighter?

There wasn’t much “breaking into” needed. Once I got used to having a belt on, I barely even noticed it. It’s held up pretty well, and I’ve given it plenty of use.

I would definitely recommend it at the top starting belt for novice strength trainees.

It’s cheap, well-made, effective, holds up over time, and it’s easy to break into.

If breaking into is even needed.

I’ve used it for over a year & thousands of reps on very heavy lifts and I’ve yet to have an issue with it.

I do believe the Price Point is perfect for someone who’s not ready or unsure about a 13-mm belt and just needs something as an introduction.

Closing Statement

The Steel Sweat Belt is the ideal strength training belt for novice trainees just having their introduction into lifted w/ equipment.

It’s a competition-compliant, 4 inch wide & 10 mm thick single prong leather belt built for durability and performance.

At just $49.00 on – it is an absolute steal. If it lasts you for as long as it did for me, you will have gotten yourself quite the deal.

Overall – great belt. Can be used as an introductory piece, but can also be used for deadlifts (if 13mm is too much for you). Easy to break into, and durable.