Is The Teeter Freestep Right For You?

Here, we take a look at its features & specifications to answer that question.

Recumbent Trainer

Teeter Freestep

An excellent all-around training tool for all ages.

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What’s Unique About The Teeter Freestep?

Teeter Freestep machines are recumbent cross trainers, special workout machines that cross the functions of recumbent bikes, and elliptical machines. The Teeter Freestep features four major parts -- an adjustable seat, 54 inches long foot pedal, adjustable handles for upper body exercises, and a display meter.

Teeter Freesteps are low-impact recumbent steppers featuring a patented stride technology and special magnetic resistance, which can be adjusted through a dial close to the seat. The machines also feature a device stand where you can place your tablet or phone as you pedal away.

What Are The Weight Specifications for Teeter Freestep?

Teeter Freesteppers weigh about 110 pounds and are safe for users who weigh 300 pounds or below. This means the recumbent bikes can be used conveniently by people who are within this weight bracket.

The seat of the workout machines is large and comes with a backrest like all recumbent bikes, so you can relax your back while you exercise. The devices are also suitable for users between 4'11" and 6'6".

Do Recumbent Steppers Burn Belly Fat?

Yes, you can burn belly fat with recumbent steppers. Recumbent steppers are low-impact workout equipment, but they still get the job done. As you work the foot pedal, you engage your belly fat and burn calories. Some recumbent steppers, like the Teeter Freesteps, have adjustable seats.

You can exercise while leaning back in the seat to engage your ab and core muscles. With consistency in your workout routines and a change in diet, you will notice a huge difference in your body with recumbent steppers.

What Are Recumbent Steppers Best Used For?

Recumbent steppers target most of the major muscle groups in the body. They were traditionally designed to help patients suffering from muscle or joint pain get enough exercise without putting too much strain on the injured parts.

However, the newer models are perfect for people who do not like the idea of high-impact exercises and still wish to stay fit. Recumbent steppers will help you work on your shoulder, bicep, tricep, hip flexor, thigh, and calf muscles without the hassle of standing or lifting heavy weights.

Recumbent steppers are also great for people who have issues with stability and strength. High impact exercises require you to have a lot of stamina and be able to withstand some amount of pain to get great results.

If those things do not appeal to you and you still want to stay fit, you should consider using a recumbent stepper. It is low-impact, and you will remain conveniently seated through your workout.

How Long Should I Use the Teeter Freestep For?

Teeter Freesteps are low impact exercise machines, so using them for long won't hurt you. However, moderation is the key to getting the most of your Teeter Freestep. You can use your recumbent stepper for about 30 minutes to one hour.

It all depends on your schedule and how many calories you need to burn. But, if you have a previous joint or muscle injury, we advise that you work with your physiotherapist and take things easy, especially during your first sessions. As you get more familiar with the device, you will be able to use it more frequently.