Is The VigorFit Right for You?

The Vigorfit is a great all-around home gym training tool. Let's review it.

Budget Home Training Tool


A great budget all-around total body home training tool.

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What’s Unique About The VigorFit?

VigorFit is an all-in-one gym equipment that uses a pulley system, gliding board, and ropes. With VigorFit gym equipment such as the VigorFit 3000 XL, you can perform over 107 exercises, using your body weight to direct the intensity of your routines.

The VigorFit 3000 XL comes with sturdy frame construction and high-quality padding for the frame and handles. It also comes with 75 resistance levels and a lifetime warranty.

Is It Easy to Fold a VigorFit?

Yes, it is pretty easy to fold a VigorFit. As home gym equipment, VigorFit is designed for ease of use and this includes its ability to fold easily. VigorFit also has a patented folding system that does not in any way affect the sturdy frame construction of the all-in-one gym equipment.

VigorFit gyms are also fitted with tires to ease folding, movement, and storage. When you fold a VigorFit, the 43 inches height reduces to 8 inches.

Can You Build Muscle on VigorFit?

Yes, you can build muscle using VigorFit whether you are a beginner or a professional trainer. VigorFit is total gym equipment that will help you perform over 107 arm, shoulder, core, back, leg, and chest routines.

However, you will only get results with consistency and discipline. The machine also comes with 75 resistance levels of up to 440 pounds. The resistance levels on VigorFit make it very popular with users as it offers more versatility than most gym equipment of the same type.

What’s the Difference Between: VigorFit or Total Gym?

There are many differences between VigorFit and Total Gym. One, Total Gym features a pulley and cable system while VigorFit uses ropes in place of cables. Another difference between the two brands is the thick padding that comes with VigorFit models.

The VigorFit 3000 XL, for instance, has way more thick padding on the board and handles compared to Total Gym's nylon handles. VigorFit also has way more exercises than Total Gym. The Total Gym Fit boasts over eighty exercises while VigorFit 3000 XL promises over 107 exercises.

Another vast difference between the two brands is the number of accessories and attachments that come with each gym equipment. VigorFit 3000 XL comes with a weight bar, leg ropes, shoulder pads for pilates, a sit-up deck, push-up, and pull-up bars, and other accessories.

Total Gym also comes with a leg-pull accessory, ankle cuffs, and a training schedule. Lastly, VigorFit is way cheaper than Total Gym.

Is VigorFit Worth the Money?

Yes, VigorFit is worth every dime you spend on it. Most fitness gadgets are expensive but you get your money's worth. VigorFit has so many great features over many similar products, yet it is more affordable. It has 75 resistance levels, extra padding for comfort, and over 107 routines.

However, if you are above 350 pounds, VigorFit is not for you. You should opt for other home gyms with more weight capacity. In addition, some users have complained VigorFit boards do not glide as high as Total Gym boards, though nothing very noticeable.