Review of the Weider 2980

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Weider 2980

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What's Good About The Weider 2980

The Weider 2980 is a home gym equipment that uses a weight stack and cable resistance system. The 65" long, 37" wide, and 76" tall machine features six large weights and one small weight stacked together to give users up to 214 pounds resistance during specific workouts.

The home gym system has six workout stations, each with its weight resistance specification, which users can manage through the heavy-duty steel ropes that connect the weight stack to every other part of the equipment.

Can I Add Extra Weight on a Weider 2980?

No, you cannot add extra weight plates on a Weider 2980. The stack system on the machine is a fixed one that you can not alter in any way. However, if anything happens to any of the seven weights, you can purchase a replacement.

But don't expect to get more than the 81 pounds weight of the original plates with a replacement. The Weider 2980 is more suitable for beginners and mid-level trainers and bodybuilders, so if you need more weights, this machine is not for you.

Is the Weider 2980 Better for Building Muscle or Losing Weight?

The Weider 2980 has six workstations where you can perform over 36 exercises that target the compositions of different parts of the body. The high-intensity exercises will help you burn fat and build muscles, depending on other lifestyle changes, especially your diet.

For example, if you want to build muscle, you have to increase your protein intake and perform many high-intensity workouts. On the other hand, reducing your food portion and exercising with the Weider 2980 will help you lose weight.

How Much Weight Is There on a Weider 2980 Machine?

There are seven vinyl-encased weights on the Weider 2980. The first six are 12.5 pounds each, while the last one weighs 6 pounds. When combined, the weight plates measure 81 pounds. The equipment comes with military-duty steel ropes that connect the weight stack to the six workout stations on the machine.

The workout stations are the high-pulley station, chest fly station, chest press station, curl pad, low pulley station, and leg attachment. Each station has varying levels of resistance depending on the number of cables a user pulls while exercising.

For example, with the low pulley station, users can get 26, 55, 86, 119, 148, 163, or 187 pounds of resistance for exercises such as squats and seated rows. The leg attachment offers the highest level of resistance, at up to 214 pounds.

What Kinds of Workouts Can I Do on The Weider 2980?

This equipment is useful for lower and upper body exercises. There are six workout stations on the Weider 2980. Each workout station has exercise routines that focus on specific parts of the body. It is also important to note that the Weider 2980 comes with an exercise plan that instructs users on using over thirty-six routines to achieve their fitness goals.

These routines will help you sculpt your triceps, biceps, deltoids and pectoralis muscles, abdominal and leg muscles. You can perform exercises such as triceps press downs, extensions, and kickbacks as well as preacher curls, deltoid raises, seated and stand ups-bicep curls, and others on the Weider 2980.