Review of the Weider Pro 6900

This is hands down of the best budget options for total-body workout machines.

Best Total Gym

Weider Pro 6900

An excellent budget-friendly home gym machine for your entire body.

weider pro 6900 total gym review

What’s Unique About Weider Pro 6900?

The Weider Pro 6900 is a home gym system that enables you to complete a full-body workout without having to purchase a gym membership or multiple sets of dumbbells and other distinct exercise tools. It leverages various industrial-strength pulleys and bushings around six distinct stations to provide this versatility.

It’s unique primarily because of its additional stations for leg exercises and lat exercises, which many other home gym workout stations lack. Furthermore, it features a row plate so you can accomplish these healthy exercises with just a few modifications.

How Much Resistance is There on a Weider Pro 6900?

The Weider Pro 6900 includes a 125-pound weight stack situated at the back of its main apparatus. In addition, the pulley system has 330 pounds of resistance in total, which is the maximum you'll get on this machine.

Unfortunately, it cannot be modified or added to after the fact, so 330 pounds is the maximum resistance you’ll get no matter what. Still, this can be effective for home exercisers who just need to build some muscle for general fitness rather than become pro bodybuilders.

Can I Build Muscle Using the Weider Pro 6900?

Absolutely. However, this is contingent on you using the machine correctly and following exercises with proper form and technique.

For the best results, you’ll use the Weider Pro 6900 every day and complete a full-body workout over 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many muscles you want to exercise. You’ll combine this workout with protein powder and a healthy diet to build muscle quickly and minimize fat gain as you consume more calories.

How Difficult is it to Assemble a Weider Pro 6900?

Assembly can be a bit tricky with a Weider Pro 6900. Many people find that it takes them at least 3 to 4 hours to fully assemble the workout machine, with some choosing the optional assembly service that comes with the purchase.

The Weider Pro 6900 is shipped to your door as a collection of loose parts, screws, and heavy components. You should be careful when assembling the machine to avoid dropping a weight stack or other parts on your feet or hands.

How Many Exercises Can I Do on the Weider Pro 6900?

In total, the Weider Pro 6900 allows you to do 55 exercises to work out a variety of muscle groups. These include squats, leg curls, shoulder shrugs, front raises, overhead extensions, pull-ups, triceps extensions, hip abductions, and more.

In short, there’s no major exercise type you can’t do with the Weider Pro 6900 except for deadlifts and a few more specific exercises. As a result, it’s a solid full-body workout solution, particularly if you don’t want to spend the time and money at a gym or don’t have the space for a larger set of workout gear.

But note that you won’t be able to do any major cardiovascular exercises with the Weider Pro 6900. For that, you’ll need to either invest in a treadmill or go on a run/swim outside the home.