Review of the Weider Ultimate Body Works

Let's see why this is one of the best total body home gym machines.


Ultimate Body Works

The best budget option for total body gym machines.

weider ultimate body works

What’s Unique About the Weider Ultimate Body Works?

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a minimalist and compact whole-body training gym designed to be used in the home. It's unique in large part because of its innovative telescoping design – the angled bench can extend or collapse depending on the exercises you need to complete.

This also assists with storage since you can collapse and fold up the Weider Ultimate Body Works. It can be placed in your closet and out of the way quickly and easily.

The Weider Ultimate Body Works also features an adjustable incline control, with eight preset levels to ensure ease of use. The Weider Ultimate Body Works uses a pair of resistance bands for all of its strength training exercises, so your initial weight resistance level is your own body weight.

However, you can purchase another 50 pounds of weight through additional resistance bands.

Is it Easy to Use the Weider Ultimate Body Works?

Yes, which is a primary part of its appeal. The Weider Ultimate Body Works is relatively easy to set up and allows you to complete the vast majority of whole-body exercises you need to build muscle and stay decently fit.

Because the Weider Ultimate Body Works uses resistance bands as its primary form of weight, you also don’t have to worry about weight plates falling on your feet or damaging the floor of your home.

Can I Build Muscle Using the Weider Ultimate Body Works?

Yes. The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a compact exercise solution that allows you to build muscle reliably and efficiently, provided you combine your workout routine with a good diet and regular protein supplements.

You'll also need to use the incline exercise set regularly to get the most benefit from it. Since the Weider Ultimate Body Works doesn’t include additional resistance bands that add more weight beyond 50 pounds, you may quickly plateau in your muscle growth if you are already fit.

Therefore, the Weider Ultimate Body Works may be a better long-term solution if you want to keep your muscles toned rather than build more muscle to the max.

How Are Weider Ultimate Body Works & Total Gym Different?

Weider is a brand that makes a variety of exercise equipment and solutions, whereas Total Gym is its main competitor. Total Gym also makes incline workout machines like the Ultimate Body Works. Both brands use a similar, resistance band-focused style of training and ensure their machines are compact enough to fit even in crowded apartments.

Ultimately, both brands are pretty similar, but Total Gym’s equipment is often more expensive and sometimes contains more bells and whistles, such as video training screens attached to some of its incline exercise stations.

What Kinds of Exercises Can I Do on the Weider Ultimate Body Works?

The Weider Ultimate Body Works supports around 70 exercises in total. These include exercises to train your back, abs, chest, arms, legs, and shoulders. In short, it’s an ideal solution for those wanting to train both their upper and lower body muscle groups.